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Schale to head Obama's campaign in Florida

Steve Schale, the Democratic wunderkind who helped steer House Democrats to 9 victories in the last two years and strengtened Dem legislative numbers for the first time in 20 years, has been tapped to head up the Obama campaign in Florida.

Schale, who got his start as a spokesman for former House Democrative Leader Doug Wiles and then became top political operative for Democratic Leader Dan Gelber, will match up against Arlene DiBenigno, McCain's political director in Florida. She is the former campaign advisor and deputy chief of staff to Charlie Crist, and another young veteran political hand.

Schale will oversee the grassroots voter outreach effort the campaign has begun as well as a voter registration and education drive designed to tap the swell of new voters turned-on by the Obama candidacy.


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What about all the losses he had during the 2004 election? He has benefited from a very good environment for Democrats.

He is out of his league now.


Bill -- if I might call you by your first name -- he wasn't in charge in 2004.


Why let a small thing like the facts get in the way of a clever retort?

Poor Us

Schale for the Dems. Arlene for the Reps. Sad thing is, one of them has to win. Damn.


It will be another win for Arlene.

Schale will see a replay of his 2004 failure.


This is great news for Florida!
Acropolis Review has a summary of some more good reasons to consider supporting Obama: http://acropolisreview.com/2008/04/top-reasons-to-give-barack-obama-your.html

J Duffy

Why aren’t the Democrats using these two sites to hammer the present administration?

Use these winning combos


They’re winners

They are both available

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