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Sink to Crist: oil drilling "doesn't sound very green"

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink joined the chorus of Democrats, and some Republicans, sounding off in opposition to Gov. Charlie Crist's call for oil drilling off the coast to offset rising fuel prices. She noted that, unlike his climate change push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, his turnabout on oil drilling "doesn't sound very green to me.''

"Florida needs protection from Washington politics,'' Sink declared at a hastily called news conference. She said she was "stunned" when she learned of the news of the governor's reversal today by reading news accounts, including a piece in the Wall Street Journal which she said left the impression that if the governor supports oil drilling, the rest of Florida does.

"The more I thought about it, the angrier and angrier I got,'' she said. "We can't be ruled by polls...The governor is one person, he's one public official and I'm another statewide public official and I'm presenting the countervailing position.''

She said drilling could take as much as 10 years to even recover one drop and "will do nothing to reduce the pain we're feeling'' from $4 a gallon gas prices. "The future is not in destroying our coast,'' she said. "We need long-term solutions now.''



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T Harrison

I agree. This is insane. For people to actually believe that if we destroy our environment we may buy some time to continue to be irresponsible is prepostrous. We need to focus all energies/funds to find/develop new or existing technologies that will be sustainable and safe. Crist is looking for that VP seat and is making bad decisions. I support Ms Sink and hope others follow her lead here in Florida. The potential for disaster is scary. Can we afford a Valdez in Canaveral or Clearwater? And as Ms Sink said, we will not see any benefit for years, if then.

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