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Skip Campbell: I'm in and I can win

With hours just left before qualifying ends for the 2008 elections, Skip Campbell, the former Fort Lauderdale state senator, has still not officially made the ballot to challenge presumptive Senate President Jeff Atwater in the District 25 contest.

But Campbell on Thursday afternoon said all his paperwork has been sent to Tallahassee and that he's definitely running for the seat that includes parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties, despite Atwater's huge fundraising edge. Campbell said any rumors that he might not run are "all false."

"I am totally committed to this campaign,'' said Campbell.

Campbell, who said he enjoys the state Senate because he gets a chance to help people while at the same time maintain his day job as a lawyer, said he's seen too many polls that show him this will be a big year for Democrats.

"I've got to try to at least make sure that if this is a Democratic year, we have an opportunity to win this race,'' said Campbell, who lost to Bill McCollum in the 2006 race for attorney general.

Campbell said he's girding for a mean, tough race where he expects to be outspent "five to one." Atwater has already raised $1.62 million, compared to the nearly $170,000 Campbell has on hand, which includes $100,000 that Campbell lent to his own campaign.


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Dwight Schrute

Wow, this is a travesty. I can't believe this. I was really hoping that either Jeff would run unopposed, or he would run against Ostrov. Rob would have been a great candidate. I think Skip should have taken the Attorney General loss as a message. If he couldn't beat McCollum, how is he going to beat Atwater?


Skip is delusional. Am I the only one that has a problem with the fact Skip doesn't even live in the district. Somehow I think if the shoe was on the other foot and a Republican who had been term limited decided to run for a seat they didn't live in they would be crucified by the press.

Skip in unethical and Jeff will eat him alive.


I bet Jeff Atwater is enjoying drinks right now with insurance lobbyists.

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