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Wexler ventures back onto Colbert, sans prostitutes and cocaine

Rep. Robert Wexler, who wrote an entire chapter in his new book about his highly memorable 2006 appearance on Comedy Central's, The Colbert Report, gamely ventured back onto the show to hawk the book Thursday.

But Wexler this time declined to play along with host Stephen Colbert, who last time got Wexler to joke about consorting with prostitutes and using cocaine. Colbert suggested the two poke fun at Wexler's Palm Beach constituency, saying it was "safe to say that 100 percent of your constituents are asleep right now." Colbert suggests Wexler repeat after him, "You're so old you look like lizards."

But Wexler demurred, "The last time I did this, Stephen, I did not have an opponent, this time I have two opponents so I think I should be out of the repeating business," Wexler said. He also didn't bite when Colbert tried to prompt him into repeating the prostitutes and coke line. "Once is enough," Wexler said.

See the 5 minute clip here.