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Where's the love, Manny Diaz?

More on how Miami Mayor Manny Diaz refused to endorse Democrat Barack Obama today:

At the begininning of his speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors at the Intercontinental Hotel, Obama gave Diaz a shout-out: "Not only is he leading one of our most international cities, he is also a national leader on how to make sure that those locked out of opportunity are able to access the education and the housing they need to live out the American dream...I'm very thankful to him for his hospitality."

Certainly, that at-home feeling would have been enhanced by an endorsement from the host and newly installed president of the conference.

"I'll just endorse on my own schedule,'' said Diaz, a former Hillary Clinton supporter. (Note his exact quote, a slight variation on our hasty earlier post.) But Diaz did offer a few kind words.

"He was right on message,'' he said, explaining that he would support the candidate who would do the most for America's cities. "He said everything I wanted to hear."


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Good for him. Many are dissatisfied with the way the Democratic Party has selected Barack Obama as the presumptive nominee (Clinton has not yet conceded, just suspended her campaign). More and more has come out on his background (U Tube - Obama's Strange Bedfellows) and there is alot of mess, too that should be sorted through before he becomes a candidate.

Groups are organizing online, listing at JustSayNoDeal.com Find out. Get involved.


Extreme and inaccurate propaganda executed by extremist @ JustSayNoDeal.com as well as the PUMA coalitions that can barely get 200 members in their hate echo chamber. They are extremely active in online blogs though.

Senator Clinton recognizes that Senator Obama platform is virtually identical to her own and will indeed campaign vigorously for him. So will Mayor Diaz it is difficult to lose such a close race... Feelings are still raw but the adults will come together to meet their objectives. Senator Obama is already leading in virtually every big state and swing state...

He's also a master strategist and he's sharper for beating the most effective political machine of this century... He will win I would just hope that folks that don't vote for him vote on legitimate reasons not made up wedge issues...


Obama's platform is the same as Clinton's because he had none of his own and took hers so he would not have to debate anything. He has trouble with anything not scripted. Obama's "strategy" consists of deception, manipulation and many broken promises. He is just the Democrat's verion of George Bush and will do just about as much for the American People. He has demonstrated a total lack of integrity and has beem emeshed in corruption. Checkout U-Tubes Obama's Strange Bedfellows

Not Fooled

The reason that Obama is leading in the polls is because the Republicans are holding back all the mess they have on Obama, until after he actually becomes the Democratic Nominee (Clinton has not conceded). This may not be until the August Democratic convention. His strange bedfellows are the least of it. How about Larry Sinclair's press conference on U-tube? Very messy. That, and all his unethical campaign behaviors will make voters think twice.

Mr. Hector diaz

This is crazy. Either you are a dem or you are not. Obama is the nominee so support him on that. I'm not concern with what everybody around obama say or do. If that was the case Bill Clinton commited adultery in the white house, but I don't think no less of hilary for staying. And yes you can't pick your family but you can pick your husband.

Not Fooled

I am an American voter whoes values have been aligned with the Democratic Party in the past. I expect RESPECT for DIVERSITY and the PRACTICE of INCLUSION from my party. The candidate selected by the superdelegates is an empty suit. Note, the Democratic Party is 54% female and the Superdelegates are only 36% female. This does not reflect the party or the general population whoes majority vote went to the female candidate. Why was the less qualified candidate selected?

Even though I voted, I otherwise sat by while George W. Bush got elected twice. Not this time. FIND OUT. GET INVOLVED. TAKE ACTION.

Not Fooled

Mr. Hector Diaz,

Hillary Clintons decision to stand by Bill Clinton could be viewed in a variety of ways. It speaks to her loyalty and steadfastness. All her dirty laundry has been examined and on public display. The things that are already known about Obama are worse. And there is alot more mess to sort through. Check out U-tube "6/18 Larry Sinclair's press conference". That is the candidate himself, not just his spouce.

Better a candidate that stood by her husband than one who who sells out his own minister of 20 years (who helped put him in office) to gain the support of the delegates he needed to promote enough sexism to undermine a more qualified candidate.

Find out. Get involved. Take action.


To Mayor Diaz

Kudos to you for having the integrity and resolve and to stand steadfastly by your views rather than buckle to others. You have more of us than you know standing behind you in support. cjv PUMA


A politician with backbone. How refreshing. Thank you, Manny Diaz! Don't let the scary people bully you. Country before party. We are not blind followers.


Thanks to Mayor Diaz for remaining a voice of reason amidst this disgraceful election. With all due respect, Senator Obama is not presidential material and is unqualified for the job. 143 days in the Senate does not a President make and we can ill afford such inexperience after 8 years of another inexperienced and incompetent president. Hold your ground Mayor Diaz and ask your colleagues to take this to the convention floor!


I am very proud of you Mayor Manny Diaz. You are definately doing the right thing. I don't know where Obama supporters minds are at. Every day more and more negative things are coming out about this guy and all they can say is praise Obama he is our king you must all worship and bow down to him. Well I live in Michigan and I did not make the choice for this sorry King. If not Hillary - than look for me over at McCains place. At least he knows how to treat a lady.


Right on Mayor Diaz. Stay true to your conviction. Obama gets scarier everyday. MSM can't even cover all his lies and hypocrisy anymore.

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