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Advocacy group for the poor seeks Saxon's ouster

ACORN, the housing advocacy organization for low income Floridians, is demanding the resignation of Borrowers_banner Don Saxon, head of the Office of Financial Regulation and the state's top mortgage regulator. The organization cited the Miami Herald's investigative report, Borrowers Betrayed, which revealed that the state allowed thousands of felons to obtain mortgage brokers licenses and operate as loan originators, committing at least $85 million in mortgage fraud and swindling hundreds of victims of their life's savings.

"Don Saxon needs to be held accountable for allowing these crooks to rob Floridians of their homes and livelihoods," said Carolyn Patmon, Head of ACORN’s Anti-Foreclosure Committee. "We need to send a message to Tallahassee that we will not allow the mortgage industry continue unabated with little fear of retribution."

Press conferences calling for Saxon's ouster will be held in Miami and Orlando on Thursday. For its part, ACORN has had its own problems with fraud within its own ranks, with an individual accused of embezzlement at its national office.



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Sorry not good enough at this point. Too much damage has been done to the florida homeowners, while various state agencies looked the other way or failed to do their jobs correctly, or just took the easy way out.

No resigning for anyone, firing them all is more like it. Taking their pensions away from them and put into a fund for the florida victims.

Crist, Saxon, Sink, Grosimaire, Tedcastle and various others need to pay up for their lack of actions, not awarded those high pensions plans which they will receive if they resign.

Not acceptable at this point. Still screwing up, instead of making it right with the victims! Simply put, you all are disgusting and greedy.


the state allowed thousands of felons to obtain mortgage brokers licenses and operate as loan originators, committing at least $85 million in mortgage fraud and swindling hundreds of victims of their life's savings.....ON THE NEWS THIS MORNING THEY ANNOUNCED THAT FLORIDA FARMERS LOST OVER $100 MILLION IN TOMATO REVENUE DUE TO THE RECALL ERROR MADE ON THE CDC'S PART. SO ARE WE GOING TO ASK FOR THAT PERSON TO RESIGN TOO??????

Patricia J. Hodes

While you are playing around, we are still out there losing our homes. I am a senior citizen who is recently widowed. I can't afford an attorney and the one's that are available to me for FREE are too busy and my case is too complicated for them to handle. They have over 200 already on their books and have to draw a line on the county funds somewhere, and unfortunately it was on mine. So I am out there fighting for my home so I won't be homeless all because I lost my husband and my income. But there is more to this story, big time: Read what follows: The problem is when a complaint is made by a senior citizen to the Attorney Generals office they pass it on to the Office of Finance to investigate it. They send you this long letter letting you know that even if they find fraud, and the party is found guilty of everything you have accused
them of, regarding your mortgage, you still have to have an attorney and sue them yourself. They will do nothing to help you. The investigation is strictly for legal matters on their part and not to help you. Why do we bother with them? I sent them a good fifty papers with all kinds of proof in
my case of fraud committed in regards to my mortgage which is in Foreclosure. It has been going on now since February of 2008. My last payment was October of 2007, when I asked for a payoff of my mortgage to do a Reverse Mortgage and they refused to give it to me or my broker. This was after fighting with them for adding $20,000 to a $74,000 mortgage that they attempted to Foreclose and they flipped it to another one of Wells Fargo's sub-prime mortgage companies out of California, "Option One" that the Attorney General of California suspended so they had to get rid of all their mortgages by August of 2008. They joined with "American Home Mortgage" another sub-prime of Wells Fargo who is in Chapter 11. Now Wells Fargo is trying to Foreclose
on the mortgage after refusing to give me the payoff I asked for back in October of 2007 before I
was ever behind on the mortgage payment. When November 1, 2007 payment was due, half the
household income was lost due to a member of the household dying, so I could not make
November's mortgage payment. Since the original mortgage was so messed up, and I was not
offered a three day right of recission and they didn't correct the note and mortgage as they agreed
to do, I sent them a fax with the right to cancel the mortgage since I looked it up and it turns into
three years when it is not offered when the mortgage is written according to TILA. All they did
was ignore it. Still within the time period I sent them a second one by fax, both to the attorney’s
office and all their addresses and they still just ignored it as usual as they had the upper hand.
That is why I just decided to do the Reverse Mortgage, but they said bluntly, "NO" you can't. Each and every time, I went into court and brought this up, I was ignored by the judge and finally this last time, he said looks like there will be a trial, you will need to hire an attorney. My income is only $874. a month Social Security as both my Mother who I cared for and she lived with us
and was half of the Income and my husband have both passed away, they were both diabetics on
dialysis. I have no intentions of losing my home. I can't be the only senior who is fighting to keep her home when her spouse has died. My home is only a two bedroom 1100 square foot CBS block which is 57 years old and needs a lot of work. I qualify for a Block Grant which our town has just gotten, but as long as I am in Foreclosure I can't get the needed repairs done to bring my home up to HUD standards. I won't have any heat this winter, and there are many other problems in my home that need immediate attention, but I am not willing to lose my home for any reason.
According to American Home mortgage, whom I have never dealt with, but whom after the
foreclosure was filed and they sold the paper to they say due to non payment since this all started the interest is now up to over $30,000 plus which makes the balance of the mortgage around $130,000 due to Option One not giving me a payoff when I asked for it to do my Reverse Mortgage. In canceling the bad flipped mortgage by Wells Fargo and one of the law firms that is under investigation by the Attorney Generals office the balance would go back to the $74,250 that I owed, then I could do my Reverse Mortgage and could qualify for the Block Grand and get my home repaired and brought up to HUD standards. But having to wait another year to go to trial and to hire an attorney I can't afford could cause me to lose my home to thieves and fraudulent acts of both the Attorneys and Wells Fargo through their sub prime companies and the
Attorney Generals office and the Office of Finance will do nothing to stop it or help the senior citizens. How can this be happening in America. We all talk about doing something about fraudulent foreclosures, well here is one. I am an American female 69 with no one to help me. I don't want to be homeless.

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