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Barack and Fidel, together again

OriginalThe Huffington Post reports that Republican John McCain is running a new Internet ad that aims to link Democrat Barack Obama with Fidel Castro.

The ad splices two photos of them side by side, and quotes Castro as saying Obama "is the most advanced candidate.''

Actually, Castro said in May that Obama, "without a doubt is, from the social and human point of view, the most advanced candidate."

What the ad doesn't tell you: Castro also said at the time that Obama's proposed changes to U.S.-Cuba policy were a "formula for hunger." More here.


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WTH is "formula for hunger" supposed to mean?!? What you also fail to mention is that Castro said he didn't want to share his true feelings for Obama because that would hurt Obama's chances of being elected, as many Americans rightfully despise Castro.

Anyway, good job of making it seem as if McCain is off base by pointing out the fact that communists in Latin America see "hope" in an Obama Presidency.


It seems Mr McCain is truly living the politics as usual lifestyle.
He has put out there the fairy tale of Obama being responsible
for 4 dollar gas.Now a new construction Fidel and Obama????

It seems he can only talk about Obama ......make negative
and false statements.This does not forebode well for
Mr McCain.I think he has now officially lost his former self,
the one I respected and admired.


Everyone knows that between Obama and McCain, all communists, leftists, socialists, radicals, etc... will prefer Obama 100 to 1.

Obama, from his Theology of Liberation Church is the closest these groups have ever been to influence world affairs and benefit those who oppose the ideals of freedom the United States has always stood for!

As for McCain, he is right in pointing it out... He himself is the epitome of free men fighting against totalitarian and murderous communist regimes... the scars are on his body!

Obama is connected to Jeremiah Wright... Rev Wright is connected (very directly) to Fidel Castro... If A = B and B= C, the A = C.

I rest my case!



So what? McCain is tied to BUSH!! Enough said and my case will always out-win yours using this comparison. I hope you open up your mind my friend. Republicans use scare tactics all the time to try to persuade those weak minded into believing what Obama is not. And the U.S. really doesn't care what happens in Cuba, that's why Fidel has been in power for so long (look at Iraq).

I am a Marine Corps veteran and truly respect McCain for one thing; he was a POW in a war that SHOULDN'T NEVER began to begin with. Sound familiar?

The reason why many in the WORLD see Obama as a figure of hope is not because of any communist point of views. It is because the WORLD is tired of the U.S. trying to control and exploit countries it says it wants to help.

I advice you to pick up a book and go to websites from other countries to get a TRUE feel of what others truly feel about out great country. I, for one, am embarrassed. Obama is a man who will un-*&%$ what Bush created.

People please inform yourselves!!


"I think he has now officially lost his former self"

Find one person that knows Obama better than Rev. Wright to tell us all who Obama is.... until then America is better off with a guy that put his life on the line, and suffered unthinkable torture for his nation.


Nice rant ,but let's focus on the facts:
Obama has 0 experience in world affairs. None.

Obama believes in fighting war, as he supports an escalation of troops in Afganistan.

Obama also says he's very willing to use our military to attack Iran if they don't listen to him.

Obama wants to create a civilian defense force the size of our military that is funded at the same level of our military : is that peaceful sounding to you?

Obama has chosen to turn his back on Democracies like Colombia in favor of Hugo Chavez and FARC.

Obama promised to talk to Ahmadinejad, Castro, and Hugo within the first 100 days of his Presidency without preconditions.... he now denies that,
So he's either a liar, or he isn't ready for the job.

And you support this?!?
Thank you for your service, but please get informed before you speak.


You people baffle me with your ignorance. Some of you have even suggested opening your eyes when your are wide shut. Obama is no different then Castro or Chavez... The difference is he is not backed by rifles and militias, hes doing it with "puppy dogs and ice cream". Mccain is not that far away from the left either. All his previous economic policies have all been to the left and damaging to our capatalistic economy. The only thing that seperates these two is the war, and abortion which should never have anything to do with party lines, but they seem to be more and more. http://www.lp.org/


Republicans are campaigning on their own Audacity of Hope. They are hoping no one will have the audacity to bring up the unmentionable: John McCain is The Adulterer and Cindy McCain is The Other Woman. They are hopeful that voters are so consumed by their struggles of filling up gas tanks and putting untainted food on the table, that the memory of that atrocious summer of self-righteousness from ten years ago has long been forgotten. But what goes around comes around. It was the Summer of '98, that the Gladiators of Virtue were riding high. They were strutting their stuff with Ken Starr and his seventy million dollar witch-hunt. They had Bill Clinton just where they wanted him. He had done the hot and nasty with a young intern, and was lying about it, so by God, he was going to pay for his sins. Many of those sultans of sanctimony, who are now surrogates and staff for the McCain campaign, have strangely become as quiet as little church mice when it comes to discussing the fact that John McCain has always had a reputation for being as horny as a three-balled tomcat. Loving the sinner, but hating the sin, the Moralizing Crusaders in the Republican party have suddenly laid down their swords. It is downright hilarious to hear Senator Lindsey Graham wax rhapsodic about the personal integrity of the senator from Arizona. His pronouncements of McCain's principled, virtuous wisdom are as convoluted as a stand-up routine on The Comedy Channel. This is the same Lindsey Graham who rose to prominence in 1998 as a manager in the House prosecution and impeachment trial. Never hesitating to intone with umbrage the moral malfeasance of Bill Clinton, Graham possessed high-toned puffery that was legendary. Forced to discuss every subject from thongs to ******** in the House impeachment hearings, poor Lindsey shouldered the burden of more righteous indignation than any one man should ever have to bear. Ten years hence, however, he stands reverentially beside his buddy McCain, as if fooling around and family abandonment have simply ceased to be biggies. After the infamous Senate floor blistering of the President for his sexual affairs, one might conclude that Senator Joe Lieberman, a Republican by any other name, would be much too ashamed ever to support a candidate whose moral compass had directed him to cheat on his wife and leave his family. Yet, Lieberman, seemingly ever-present on the campaign trail, advises McCain and lavishes him with such obsequious praise that the affair between John and Cindy seems considered to be nothing more than a dusty memory that is gone with the wind. Imagine, for one moment, that it had been Barack Obama instead of John McCain who had cheated on his wife by having multiple affairs. Suppose it was Barack Obama who had married his mistress, a younger heiress of a billion dollar beer empire only a month after the ink was dry on the divorce papers. Pretend it was Michelle Obama instead of Cindy McCain who had been so addicted to painkillers that she stole money from her own charity and had been investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The vilifications, smears, and berating from conservatives would be louder than a 747 takeoff. The castigating and crucifixions by the Limbaughs and O'Reillys of the world would never end. Faux piety and bellicosity from the pumped up blowhards in the religious right would flow harder than the flooding waters of the Mississippi. But the Family Values Party has made new rules that even Woody Allen could love. "The heart wants what the heart wants." Judging the awful personal misconduct committed by a Republican is distasteful and off base. Judging the awful personal misconduct committed by a Democrat is the necessary application of social cost. It's the same Pharisaical stuff we should always expect, because when it comes to hypocrisy, Republicans are in high cotton in any season.

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