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Crist tells Financial Times he'll sue for oil as last resort

Continuing his ever-available presence on national and international media circuits, Gov. Charlie Crist today was asked by the Financial Times in London the same round of questions that have been dogging the governor for weeks: Will you really drill for oil off Florida's coast? Are you really being considered as McCain's VP?

The governor was asked if the president's lifting of the ban on offshore oil drilling gave states a chance to challenge the continuing moratorium. Crist said: “I suppose you could go to court potentially, but I think Congress has to change the law in order to lift the ban.”

Q: Would he take court action? A: “I’d consider anything that would be good for the people of my state,” but he repeated his preference for a congressional solution.

Q: Have you been vetted for the vice-presidency? A: “No. I can’t talk about it. Since [the post] has not been offered I’m prepared to accept being governor of Florida.”

(That's our emphasis added. Not to read too much into this, but is there a tinge of resignation and perhaps disappointment here?)


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“I’d consider anything that would be good for the people of my state,”

Perhaps he should consider staying in his state for a while and acting like a governor working to solve some of the states many, many problems? Instead of acting like globe trotting movie star playing to the cameras & using the taxpayers to fund this effort to be popular & audition for VP!


It's political reality tv. Let's see how much press/media I can get. Solve problems, nah, created them, socialized Property Insurance where all Floridians share the risk and cost of our neighbors mini-mansions and beach homes. And then property taxes, good lord, its driven the local governments mad that they are using their own creativeness by imposing increased fees, increasing fines. All the while, they can't seem to keep the medians along popular roads trimmed up and neat. But its not exactly like the legislature has done much of a stellar performance, in fact if there was the LCAT, they wouldn't be passing - try remediation. The comments of boot straps comes to mind.

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