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Eikenberg says broker oversight was "outrageous"

Borrowers_banner_2  Gov. Charlie Crist's top deputy, Eric Eikenberg, said Florida's flawed oversight of mortgage brokers and loan originators was "outrageous" and promised that the governor will respond to the Miami Herald's investigative report when he returns from Europe later this week.

''We have a law in place to protect consumers, and from what we've been told, that hasn't occurred,'' Eikenberg told the Herald. More here.


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Mr Eikenberg, we called Governor Crist offices regarding the Peter J Porcelli, Bonnie A Harris, Thomas C Little (Attorney for them)scammers and Mary stated that it wasn't the Governors problem. When asked if she could be quoted to the ST Pete Times, she said go right ahead? Can you please explain that? Then a detailed email was sent to Crist and some moron sent a response back stating they were sorry but the Governor didn't deal with insurance problems. Funny the email wasn't about any type of insurance problems,it was very detailed about fraudulent foreclosure relief loans. Would be very happy to post the email and the governors office response back to the victims.

So now that the sh_t has hit the fan, all of a sudden Crist is interested? Yeah right.

What needs to happen now is that you all get fired and lose your pensions for not doing anything but look the other way and the pension plans that you should have gotten put into a fund for the Florida Victims! No buts about it. You all need to pay for your serious mistakes.

Party of Five

I totally agree with you FloridaScamsUncovered. I have lost my home recently and it could have been totally avoided had Florida stepped up to the plate.


Question, so now that these issue's have come to light, WHAT THE HELL IS CRIST, McCOLLUM & SINK DOING ABOUT IT? The victims that are still trapped in these fraudulent loans are still losing their homes and the criminal's are reaping their rewards!

Where are you Crist, McCollum & Sink???? Are your heads still buried in florida sand somewhere? These victims need help ASAP!

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