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Florida is top state for Obama ads

For those still wondering if Democrat Barack Obama is really going to play in Florida: He has run more than 7,000 ads in the state -- spending more here than in any other state -- since becoming the presumptive nominee, according to the University of Wisconsin Advertising Project.

Obama has spent more than $5 million in Florida, according to the Wisconsin Advertising Project's analysis of TNS Media Intelligence/CMAG data. Running a distant second is Georgia, where Obama has spent $1.8 million.

Republican John McCain has not run a single ad in Florida since June 3rd, though voters may catch his commercials on cable. Obama also has the airwaves to himself in North Carolina, Indiana, Montana and Alaska. Former

"It is certainly worth noting that Obama is up in these red states and has the airways all to himself,'' said Ken Goldstein, director of the Wisconsin Advertising Project. "That said, we won't really know if he's expanding the playing field until September."


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Based on what he has said Obama's tax plan looks something like this:
The top 35% marginal income tax rate rises to 39.6%; adding the state income tax, the Medicare tax, the effect of the deduction phase-out and Mr. Obama's new Social Security tax (of up to 12.4%) increases the total combined marginal tax rate on additional labor earnings (or small business income) from 44.6% to a whopping 62.8%.
Have fun


Mr/Ms "Emphasis" - Where did you come up with these tax numbers? Do they come from a partisan website, a legitimate source, or are they pure fiction? If you are going to throw around numbers trying to scare people, then *cite a source*. Otherwise, I have to assume that they are just more republican hot air.

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