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Florida voters: It's the economy, stupid

More than three-quarters of Florida voters are facing at least one serious economic problem; half  are  struggling with three or more, according to a poll conducted by National Public Radio, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health.

The biggest concerns: jobs, gas prices, housing and health care. Seven out of 10 voters say the economy will be their top issue in the presidential election.

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Sounds good. Which is why we'll see voters elect people that want to tax jobs into existence.
Yep, politicians that want to put economic walls around the country, renegotiating trade agreements we already have, and preventing future trade agreements.
Yeah, we'll see politicians raising taxes on energy. And taking us all down the road Mass. has paved with government healthcare.

I can guarantee: the politician that promises to spend the most money will be the one to win.... as we all know, government spending is the greatest job creator in the history of the world.


Despite the stats, I have found lots of high paying jobs in florida on employment sites -


I see 100K jobs here.


Stop the presses!
There are JOBS listed on Job sites!

You're an idiot.

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