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Nelson: Bush is "cruelly misleading Americans"

No question where Sen. Bill Nelson stands on the question of rolling back the offshore drilling ban. He just sent out a release saying President Bush by lifting the offshore drilling ban is "cruelly misleading Americans for attempted political gain.

"He knows ruining our coastlines won't bring down gasoline prices nor solve our energy challenges," the Florida Democrat said. He notes that a recent administration report found that increasing offshore drilling "will have no impact on gas prices."

Nelson has pointed at oil speculators as the cause of rising prices and is pushing a bill that would ban all unregulated speculative trading in oil futures.


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Thomas D'Andrea

I am tired of "brain-dead" politicians who have an opinion on damn near everything and are wrong 90% of the time. Stop quoting politicians and get opinions from someone knowledgeable for a change.

Disgusted Republican

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less


What a moronic idea. Speculators increase liquidity by taking on risk that others won't. No more speculation=no more available gas. Brilliant!

Jeb Obama

If it comes from President Bush, it's already dead on arrival.


What risk, Frank? Demand is going to be there until we figure out how to use alternative energy sources. They (speculators) are driving up prices by creating a false demand in the market.

No more speculation = no false demand premium = cheaper gas

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