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Obama has more cash, fewer bundlers; Pawlenty's one of McCain's, not Crist

Democrat Barack Obama has outraised Republican John McCain in Florida by $339,000 -- and he's done it with half as many big-money ''bundlers'' kicking in at least $50,000.

But if the veep stakes depend on bundling might, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wins. He's listed as one of McCain's bundlers, but the list includes no Charlie Crist. Instead, Crist's closest contributors are bundling barons for McCain. For example, bundlers from Florida who've collected more than $500,000 are: Al Austin, Brian Ballard, John Donahue, Marty Fiorentino, Al Hoffman, Manny Kadre, Scott Rothstein and Harry Sargeant.

Crist is no slacker, Ballard says. "He encourages his friends and his colleageus and his supporters to support Sen. McCain but he's not in there making collections and cracking the whip. That's not what a governor should do.''

Here's the list, as compiled by the Herald: Download obama_and_mccain_bundlers_71508.doc Here's the story.


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World Wide Exclusive

regardless of what barak raises john will get some sort of republican mojo on him.. they're already trying the tried and true flip flopper idea from baraks 3 year stint on the floor

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