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Obama, McCain tied in new poll

Democrat Barack Obama has caught up to Republican John McCain in Florida, according to the latest survey by Rasmussen Reports. The poll found McCain had a seven-point lead in the state last month; now Obama is ahead 46-45.

Obama enjoys double-digit leads among independent voters and the under-40 crowd, while McCain runs strong among seniors.

As Obama and McCain trade attacks over domestic and foreign policy. here's an interesting nugget: "Nearly half of voters in Florida (49%) say economic issues are the most important in the upcoming election. Of those voters, 63% choose Obama while just 27% choose McCain. In a very distant second, 19% of voters choose National Security issues as the most important in the Presidential election. Among those voters, McCain has a 79% to 18% advantage."

Read the report here.


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Just goes to show ya that too many Florida voters think big government and higher taxes bring prosperity.

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