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Registered Dems on the rise in Garcia v. Lopez district

GarciaRepublicans may be gunning for the seat Rep. Luis Garcia, a Miami Democrat, took from them in 2006, but Garcia's campaign is riding high on June registration stats released by the Miami Dade Elections Department.

The figures show registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in District 107 which includes portions of Miami, Coral Gables and Key Biscayne. The district has seen a steady increase in registered Dems since the 2006 election.

In December 2006 there were 22,309 registered Republicans compared to 19,076 Democrats. Fast forward to June 2008: Democrats total 22,628 registered voters, Republicans 22,362.

"It shows that the message of Luis Garcia and the new Democratic party is resonating with voters," said Christian Ulvert, Garcia's campaign manager.

JorgeluislopezRepublican Party of Florida leaders have already declared the race a must win, and have thrown their support toward candidate Jorge Luis Lopez, an attorney and lobbyist with ties to former Miami Dade Mayor Alex Penelas.

Garcia and Lopez both tried to sway voters at a recent appearance before Miami Beach's Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club.
More on that here.


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Luis wins easy


Jorge Lopez has a very good chance in this election.

Luis only won the 2006 election by a few hundred votes against Carollo who had a tarnished last name. A generic Republican candidate would have won hands down.

Also, Carollo spent too much money during the primary, diminishing his campaign chest and weakening his position for the general election.

Furthermore, it is a myth that Little Havana is abandoning the Republicans. Results show that Carollo won Little Havana precincts in the 2006 election by a large margin, 69% v. 31%, even though the numbers were tightened by Carollo's tarnished name.

Finally, Carollo was weak with the Coral Gables and Key Biscayne communities with which Jorge Lopez has strong relationships.

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