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Sheriff's candidate links himself to Obama

Political experts say the Democratic candidates for Broward sheriff are trying to ride on the coattails of presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Candidates for sheriff hope that Broward voters turning out to cast a ballot for Obama will also choose a Democrat for sheriff.

One candidate, Shahrukh Dhanji, is trying to link his campaign with Obama through a joint fundraiser.

Dhanji's website advertises an upcoming cocktail reception Aug. 7 in Fort Lauderdale presented by South Asians for Obama (SAFO) and Dhanji's campaign. Donations benefit both campaigns, states the invitation.

Anhoni Patel, spokesperson for SAFO, said that the organization doesn't endorse candidates.

"This was simply intended as a grassroots event to allow local members of the South Asian community to meet Mr. Dhanji as well as our local SAFO grassroots organizers,'' she wrote in an email. "We regret any misunderstanding about the nature of this event, which has been postponed due to logistical conflicts.''

The Obama campaign isn't getting involved in the sheriff's race, said Obama spokesman Bobby Gravitz.

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"Political experts" and Broward in the same sentence?

Laugh of the day.

One Who Knows

Good thing SAFO realized that Dhanji is NOT ON THE LEVEL. He only would have taken members money for his own use!! Click, click, click...that's the sound of FDLE handcuffs being put on your slimy paws you diseased swine!! I feel sorry for your family but you will rot in jail while being a depository for every lifer!!! Open wide scu_bag!!!

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