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Sink calls for Saxon to resign after Herald investigation

Chief Ftinancial Office Alex Sink today called for the resignation of Don Saxon, Commissioner of the office of Financial Regulation, and issued the following statement in response to the Miami Herald investigation into the state regulation of mortgage brokers:

“The Office of Financial Regulation has a duty to protect Floridians from those who would prey upon them.  I am outraged by the facts presented in today’s Miami Herald article on mortgage broker licensing.

"As one of four members of the Financial Services Commission, I am calling for the Commissioner of the Office of Financial Regulation to step down and for the immediate launch of a thorough investigation to identify why the people of Florida were not better protected.  The Governor and Cabinet must also issue an Emergency Order directing the Office of Financial Regulation to stop issuing or renewing mortgage broker licenses to felons, pending further instruction.

Floridians depend on the state to protect them from criminals, and it is inexcusable that state regulators were asleep at the switch.”


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GOP Cuban

Sink for Governor in 2010!

Mia Pol

Well, well. What did Sink know, and when did she know it?

The same question applies to the other 3 members of financial services commission.


A better question is, "why didn't she know anything until the herald reported this?"

she's the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, for god's sake.

Sink Stinks

"I assume everything in the paper is true. While the Office of Financial Regulation is my responsibility, I am more than willing to make Mr. Saxson the fall guy. The buck does not stop with this tax loving liberal."

-Adelaide Sink

Francis Dorightf

All of Florida is the banana republic with one 'official' trying to trump anothre in the bullcrap newspaper called the Miami Herald. What ever happened to the story from last week where State Rep Dan Gelber was caught red handed performing as a loobyist while making laws??? what a joke the Herald and these so called reporters are. And so is the politically-experdient bull that comes from Sink and most other politicians. Is no one honest anymore? Not in Florida government

not so much

where do I go to call for SINK'S resignation?

Cynical Idealist

Interesting that she's calling for Saxon's resignation.

She ought to be calling for the resignation of the bozos who run the legislature.

They're the ones refused Saxon's repeated requests for additional investigators and examiners.

Nothing like attempting a grandstand play to begin her run for Governor.

Party of Five

WoW! I am shocked that someone finally opened their eyes on this stuff. I lost my home from a scammer who is in prison right now. I just wish the judge would have seen everything for what it really was.

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