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Wexler: Impeach Bush

Robert Wexler may be coming under fire for his living arrangements (see blog posting below) but he just earned a round of applause from a "boisterous crowd" attending today's House Judiciary committee hearing on whether President Bush and vice president Dick Cheney should be impeached.

The Boca Raton Democrat is among those pushing for impeachment hearings.

"The Bush White House has distorted the concept of executive privilege beyond recognition in order to hide White House wrongdoings," Wexler said. "Faced with this litany of wrongful actions, I am convinced that the most appropriate response to this unprecedented behavior is to hold hearings for impeachment."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already indicated there will be no formal impeachment hearing and Republican Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Calif., just dismissed the hearing as a "Friday morning show trial."


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gerald t roden

Listen, Bobby Wexler. Find out where you live first before you go onto bigger things. May you should be impeached for lying about where you live.


nice post

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