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Another "rural" vote for Obama

DENVER - North Florida Democrat Rep. Allen Boyd says he doesn't endorse presidential candidates, but he offered a plug for Barack Obama, saying "Republicans have screwed up this country about as bad as it can get messed up."

"Do not back up from any Republican when they start to criticize your candidate," Boyd said. "When I go to these little rural cafes and they start in on me about Democrats, I look them in the eye and I say, 'Mister, are you proud of your president? And that pretty much ends the conversation."

Boyd, though didn't sugarcoat his estimation of how Obama will fare in rural -- and conservative -- North Florida.

"I represent an area where Democrats haven't done very well in the last presidential races," Boyd said. "Barack Obama doesn't need to win all of those rural areas, he just needs to do better than in the past. He can and will and I'll be working with him to see that it happens."