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Atwater crushes Bird in fundraising

Democratic candidate Linda Bird raised roughly $25,000 in her high-profile bid to unseat the incoming state Senate president, according to the first campaign finance report released since she entered the race last month.

Bird's two-week total trails incumbent Sen. Jeff Atwater, a North Palm Beach Republican, who raised about $111,000 in the same period.

Atwater's total brings his campaign war chest to more than $2.2 million, and money raised by a third-party electioneering group controlled by the candidate leaves him with close to $3 million.

Bird, a Broward political activist and real estate agent, began the campaign for the coastal district stretching from Broward to Palm Beach last month. The state Democratic Party tapped Bird after former state Sen. Walter ''Skip'' Campbell pulled out of the race in July.

Bird's late entry makes her attempt to unseat Atwater a long shot, but political observers say the Florida Democratic Party likely will help her effort.

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DUH! Atwaters is the Senate President Designate... all the lobbyist firms in Tallahassee have been bundling for him. That does not necessarily translate into votes.


She didnt raise $25,000. You are adding up what she raised + inkinds given to her which is not money raised. They Democratic Party also gave her $10,000 of what she raised. If you take out what the Democrats gave her, she raised less than $9,000. She was dismal.


Breanne needs to learn a little bit more about what counts as fundraising before writing an article. She says Bird raised $16,000 from the Democratic Party. Truth is the Democrats gave her a $10,000 contribution, the rest of the money is inkinded research which does not add money to her campaign account. It is a value they place on research they give to the campaign. An in kind is not a monetary contribution, an in kind is a service given to a campaign for free that has a monetary value.

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