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Cardenas: Let's hope she's Dan Marino

Former Republican Party of Florida chairman Al Cardenas -- a big Mitt Romney fan -- says you  "couldn't script a better person" than John McCain's pick for veep, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

"She's the governor of a western state, a young woman, a professional and a mother of 5 who took on corruption," he said. "She'll be tough to beat -- you can't accomplish more than she has at a young age." 

As for her inexperience, he likened her to a "rookie quarterback in the NFL.

"Let's hope she turns out to be like Dan Marino," the Miami Dolphins star quarterback, he said, "If she's able to able to handle the intensity, the bright lights, it'll be seen as the most brilliant political move."

If not? "We'll find out quick enough," he said. "We'll get a good sense this coming week."


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She's hot...McCain has just earned my vote.


Just have the State Of Alaska give Tew/Cardenas law firm a small contract and Al Cardenas will be singing her praise all over the USA.
Al has always been about the money and that is the only reason he's served in the Republican Party of Florida!!!!!

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