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Crist cancels plans to attend convention, may still give speech

Gov. Charlie Crist said the two hurricane-force storms buffeting either side of Florida convinced him to cancel plans to leave for the Republican National Convention in St. Paul on Saturday and, he said at a new briefing on Sunday, that he is likely not to attend the convention at all.

"My plan is to stay here and odds are that we will not be going to Minnesota," he said after briefing the media on how Florida is preparing for Hurricanes Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna.

He added that he but may still give his speech introducing John McCain on the final night of the convention on Thursday if he can arrange it via remote satellite.

"Unless things change. I mean, these are acts of God,'' he said. "It's a little off topic, but I was supposed to give an address on Thursday evening. Odds are if I do that, I'll probably do that from somewhere in Florida."


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Good move by Gov. Crist and other prominent Republicans. The well-being of the nation comes first and we should concentrate on what Gustav and Hanna will do. Cast aside politics, and focus on the nation first.

Felix Prieto

Gov. CharLIE Crist is a sore looser, good thing John McCain didn't pick him to be his running mate. Gov. CharLIE has helped destroy the economy in Florida by not bringing run away Real Estate Taxes, and Homeowners Insurance under control, people are loosing their homes in droves, and the the States economy is in shambles because of it. Shame on you CharLIE Christ.

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