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Crist taps Charles Canady for state Supreme

Gov. Charlie Crist tapped Judge Charles Canady to replace retiring justice Raoul Cantero on the Florida Supreme Court. That brings the number of Hispanic justices back to zero, though Crist's press shop made sure to glean a laudatory quote from the Cuban-American Bar Association, which said Canady was a good pick.

"He's a faithful servant in the truest sense of the word," Crist said.

Within an hour, Canady's selection was updated on his Wikipedia site.

Canady sits on the Second District Court of Appeal, where he was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush  in 2002. A former Republican Rep., Canady was one of the floor managers in President Bill Clinton's impeachment in 1999. The graduate of Yale Law School, served in the Florida House before Congress.

Crist was heavily lobbied to pick Canady by members of the Christian right and former Bush staffers.

"I've taken such care in choosing a justice," Crist said, who had just finished interviewing all five candidates for the job the day before.