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Crist taps Charles Canady for state Supreme

Gov. Charlie Crist tapped Judge Charles Canady to replace retiring justice Raoul Cantero on the Florida Supreme Court. That brings the number of Hispanic justices back to zero, though Crist's press shop made sure to glean a laudatory quote from the Cuban-American Bar Association, which said Canady was a good pick.

"He's a faithful servant in the truest sense of the word," Crist said.

Within an hour, Canady's selection was updated on his Wikipedia site.

Canady sits on the Second District Court of Appeal, where he was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush  in 2002. A former Republican Rep., Canady was one of the floor managers in President Bill Clinton's impeachment in 1999. The graduate of Yale Law School, served in the Florida House before Congress.

Crist was heavily lobbied to pick Canady by members of the Christian right and former Bush staffers.

"I've taken such care in choosing a justice," Crist said, who had just finished interviewing all five candidates for the job the day before.


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Dan Krassner

The Florida Chamber of Commerce supports today’s decision by Governor Charlie Crist to appoint Judge Charles Canady to an at-large seat on the Florida Supreme Court.

“This is a great day for Florida and we hope it’s a sign of more good things to come,” said Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “Judge Canady is well suited to serve on Florida’s high court. We’re optimistic that the Governor has signaled a trend with Judge Canady’s appointment that will continue with decisions on other vacancies.”

A lifelong resident of Florida, Judge Canady’s long track record includes serving in the Florida House of Representatives, U.S. Congress, as general counsel to Gov. Jeb Bush and through an appointment to Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeals.

“Judge Canady is the kind of judge we want to uphold the laws of our great state through Florida’s high court,” said Wilson.

Judge Canady received his Bachelor’s degree from Haverford College and then immediately pursued his law degree at Yale. After graduating from Yale in 1979, Judge Canady returned to Florida and was admitted to the Florida Bar, at which time he began practicing law.

“The Governor has three more court appointments to make,” said Wilson. “If they’re anything like Judge Canady, there are great times ahead for Florida’s courts.”

Raquel A. Rodriguez

Governor Crist has hit this one out of the ballpark. Charles Canady is an extraordinarily strong choice. Unique among all the nominees, he has served in all three branches of government and will deeply respect the separate roles of each branch. On top of all that, he is a terrific person who will get along well with the other members of the Court. I am sad to see Justice Cantero leave the Court, but he could not have had a better replacement. Kudos to the Governor, his staff and the members of the nominating commission!!!

Guy Pines

Let's not pull any punches, nor shill as the two previous posters have, shall we? This was a political calculus by Charlie (when have his actions ever been otherwise?). He selected the most extreme right-wing candidate available to shore up his chances of being selected as McCain's VP, notably doing so two days before McCain is set to decide on his selection.

Canady's most notable accomplishment in life is his role as one of the Clinton impeachment House persecutors, um, prosecutors who wasted this nation's time and distracted the president from national security concerns. No, Canady is not responsible for 9/11, but his role in the impeachment betrays that his decisionmaking on the supreme court will be grounded in politics first -- extreme right-wing politics -- rather than law.

Alan Forst

I echo the earlier comments. It should also be noted that, in less than two years, Justice Canady will be Chief Justice Canady. Justice Canady will prove to be an outstanding Justice for all Floridians and his selection speaks volumes about this Governor. The JNC gave him some great candidates and I know that he received great counsel from his outstanding GC (whose predecessors include Justice Canady and the 10:34 a.m. commentor, who were also both exemplary GCs). But, at the end of the day, this was the Governor's choice and he chose probably the best person in the State for the job. GRAND SLAM!

Alan Forst

Mr. Guy Pines (for a Democrat governor) makes a pretty silly argument. John McCain has already picked his VP choice and anyone who thinks that this particular selection is merely "political calculus" is as narrowsighted as someone who would take an individual who chaired the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, served as GC to the Governor and has sat for six years on the DCA and say that his "most notable accomplishment" was serving on the House impeachment panel. This is a great selection for all Floridians and Charles Canady is not an "extreme" this or an "extreme" that--he's just extremely qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

Guy Pines

Mr. Forst, I would not expect a card-carrying member of the Federalist Society such as yourself to say any different.

I would add that your comment that "Canady will prove to be an outstanding Justice for all Floridians" is nothing short of laughable -- unless you define "all Floridians" as those who agree with your political viewpoints (and those of Ms. Rodriquez and the Florida Chamber of Commerce).

By the way, I am rather doubtful that someone from the Florida Justice Association will appear in this comment section and echo your comments, aren't you?

Florida Lawyer

"Guy Pines":

Regarding the reaction of Florida Justice Association members, how do you account for the quote below? Are you suggesting that Howard Coker, Past-President of the organization now known as the FJA, is an "extreme right-wing" attorney? If so, I suggest that your opinion says more about you than it does about Judge Canady.

“Governor Crist has made a wise decision,” said Howard Coker, Past President of the Florida Bar and Past President of the Florida Academy of Trial Lawyers. “Judge Canady is imminently qualified to serve. Having personally reviewed Judge Canady’s decisions on the Second District Court of Appeal, I can say that he has set a high standard of fairness, humility and respect for the law. His proven track record of leaving politics and personal ideology out of his judicial decisions demonstrates the level of professional integrity he will bring to the bench. He will be a great asset to the Court.”

Adelle Blackman

How sad when people who have only hate in their hearts would put down a fine public servant as Charles Canady.
I know that he has done not only a great job represenating the 2nd District Court of Appeal, but I know someone who clerked for him, Charles Schropp, and he was impressed by Judge Canady's high morals and values...which shows the character of the man.
Not only will he do a fine job sitting on the Supreme Court, but soon he will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
We can thank Jeb Bush for first appointing him and now Charle Crist who saw a remarkable man to serve this state in an even higher capacity.
Thank you Jeb and Charlie.

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