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Dems response to Pelosi trip: latte-sipping Crist's a vacation monster

Once the RPOF's Erin VanSickle sent out a call-to-arms letter concerning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Miami, the Florida Dems new spokesman Eric Jotkoff sent out this scorching response, which borders on personal:

"Erin- Hope you are well. Just got this and I wanted to say thank you, as I am flattered that you all would copy us.

I am kind of surprised that the RPOF would try to make an issue out of anyone taking vacations or vacating duties while Florida's families are suffering, when Charlie Crist has taken a record 44 days off (as of 2 weeks ago - Charlie takes so many days off I have trouble keeping count.) That count (courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel) does not include the 49 days of throwing 1st pitches, ect. It also doesn't include his $250,000 junket to Europe touring Buckingham Palace and sipping lattes at cafes across Paris as Florida economy tanked. I am sure you saw the St. Pete Times and Miami Herald articles reporting that under Charlie Crist's administration, Florida is in recession for the 1st time in 16 years, we lead the nation in job losses and we are #2 in foreclosures.

As I am sure you know, the House Democrats have put forward 13 major proposals that would increase supply, reduce prices, protect consumers and transition America to a clean, renewable energy-independent future.  Each time a majority of House Republicans have voted against these proposals. You might also know that President Bush rejected the Republicans' request to call a special session of Congress.

You should also read up on Barack Obama's energy plan, which provides immediate relief to families and makes the investment in alternative fuels needed to end our addiction to foreign oil. Obama has been very supportive of such moves, unlike John McCain who during his 26 years in Congress has repeatedly voted against such investments in alternative fuels. Maybe that is why Big Oil has donated $2 million to McCain's campaign. Of course it could also be because McCain wants to give them $4 billion in tax breaks despite record profits or maybe it is just because 33 of McCain's top staffers are lobbyists for the oil industry.

Just wondering - has your Chairman told the Governor yet that Republicans get up and go to work? Eric"

At the risk of encouraging more of the back-and-forth, here's VanSickle's response:

"Hi Eric, welcome to Florida! If you’d like to see the results of the Governor’s trade mission, which included strategic meetings with our nation’s top foreign investors, check it out at – Instead of complaining, he’s making things happen. Beyond that, I am not going to waste these reporters’ time with a back and forth with you, that’s not how we operate around here.
P.S.—Was that you that TP’d my car??
All the best,