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Fiorina: I don't wear Jimmy Choos.

Choo After two Democratic congresswomen tried to paint her as a Jimmy Choo-wearing out-of-step exec, Republican Carly Fiorina laughed when told of the comment and set the record straight:

"First of all, I don't wear Jimmy Choos... like many women in America, I love shoes," said Fiorina, the computer exec whispered as a possible John McCain running mate. She then took issue with the substance of the quip from Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

"I think people need to stop playing class warfare, which is a classic tactic, and realize that the goal here is to get the economy moving again," she said. Fiorina also spoke of her own biography, saying she worked her way up to head Hewlett-Packard after starting out as a secretary.

"I remember well what it feels like to have $2 left in my checking account and not know how you’re going to pay for your grocieries at end of the month," she said. "I know what it was like to screape to make ends meet."

Carly But does she have any shoes as expensive as McCain's $520 Ferragamo loafers? Fiorina couldn't remember.

Would she take the veep job? "Anyone would be honored. I'm honored to be even suggested," she said.

Fiorina made the comments in a conference call with reporters as part of the Republican/McCain effort to woo female voters and disgruntled Hillary-ites to McCain's side at the Denver convention. Fiorina said the Hillary Clinton supporters had "particularly open minds."

Here's one way to get those voters: Free Jimmy Choos.

More on the genesis of the shoe/class war is here: