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First manual recount ordered under new system

Florida Canvassing Commission members ordered the first manual recount today, in five circuit court seats, including Broward County's Circuit 17, Group 3 race between Bernard Isaac Bober, Pedro E. Dijols and Mardi Anne Levey.

The recounts will be the first since the state went to statewide optical scan machines on the Aug. 26 primary. The counties will run the optically scanned ballots through the machines again; the machines will sort the overvotes and undervotes and if the final total is still within one-fourth percentage point or less, the board authorizes the counties to conduct a manual recount.


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Barry Fitz

Since the voting system in the United States of America is based on Diebold, Florida ought to have a recount system based on a Diebold voting machine with an electronic backup. Diebold programmers could easily come up with an electronic backup system for Diebold voting machines which would allow a reference which would stand the test of a valid inquiry.

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