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Haridopolos wants court date moved up in ballot challenge

Warning of ballot confusion, Sen. Mike Haridopolos sent a press release out today urging the Florida Supreme Court to move up the hearing date, now set for Sept. 8, on the Amendment 5 challenge.

"By waiting until Sept. 8, ballots will be created with language that may or may not be on the ballot, costing the state valuable dollars and creating confusion for the electorate,” Haridopolos wrote.

It's not clear whether Haridopolos, who is not a lawyer, sent his comments via email or letter, or if he just expects the high court to respond to his press release after reading the blogs.

For Haridopolos, it doesn't hurt to try. “We understand that the Court has a set schedule and is flooded with numerous important requests,'' his press release notes, "but this issue is of urgent importance to Florida voters who deserve a clean ballot, free of language that has been ruled unconstitutional.''


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