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Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina clarifies position in Diaz-Balart v. Martinez race

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina issued the following statement today in response to an Aug. 29th Naked Politics blog posting, that incorrectly alluded to his possible support of Congressman Lincoln-Diaz Balart over challenger Raul Martinez -- Hialeah's former mayor. The posting came after a Friday press release from the Republican Party of Florida noting that Diaz-Balart and Robaina would headline the opening of campaign headquarters on Saturday.

Below is Robaina's full written statement to the Herald:

As the Mayor of Hialeah and as a Republican I want to reiterate my unequivocal support and commitment to the Republican Party and electing John McCain and Sarah Palin, as the next president and vice president of the United States.

I am proud and excited about the Republican Presidential Ticket. 

In response to the headline that I have chosen sides in the congressional race between Lincoln Diaz Balart and former Mayor Raul Martinez is incorrect and I would appreciate a retraction.

The fact is that I have not endorsed anyone in this hotly contested race. I have the confidence in the voters of the City of Hialeah that they will choose the very best candidate to represent us in Washington.

I have said many times publicly that Raul Martinez is my friend and endorsing Lincoln Diaz-Balart a fellow Republican would be a betrayal of my friendship with Raul Martinez and his family.   

My lack of endorsement in this congressional race should not be interpreted as a lack of commitment to the Republican Party and Presidential Ticket of McCain/Palin.

I will do all I can to help John McCain be the next President of the United States.

Thank you,
Mayor Julio Robaina


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Sounds like someone is made out of jello. Can you say RINO?


"Endorsing Lincoln Diaz-Balart a fellow Republican would be a betrayal of my friendship with Raul Martinez and his family."

A fellow Republican? Stop embarrassing yourself. Please have the courtesy to choose another party affiliation in your next elections. Don't use the (R) (to get our votes) if you are not willing to make a commitment and support local/National Republican candidates. As a young voting Republican and American I loathe your lack of fortitude sir.

FYI: Both Mcain/Palin and Mr. Diaz-Balart will win without your lousy endorsement.

Republican In Hialeah

"Endorsing Lincoln Diaz-Balart a fellow Republican would be a betrayal of my friendship with Raul Martinez and his family."

It is very refreshing to see someone in politics talking about loyalty. If politics had more loyalty and more loyal public officials like Julio Robaina I think this great nation of ours would be so much better off. Mayor Julio Robaina has been loyal to the residents of Hialeah first and foremost and to the party as well. Just look around at Hialeah and all the prosperity you see. Where in some places businesses are closing, Hialeah is opening new ones. If Julio Robaina decided to endorse Raul Martinez because of his loyalty to the man; not to mention his life long friendship with him and his family I would respect him for that!!! That being said if he supported the Party I would also respect that. Julio Robaina is an individual obviously from what he wrote that thinks things out and has morals and standards, not to mention loyalty. Many politicians in this County need to take a page out of his book and learn a thing or two.

P.S. If the Republican Party needs an endorsement in Hialeah for its Presidential Ticket from Mayor Julio Robaina to win; I got news for you, you’re in a heap of trouble!!!! Hialeah is probably the most Republican city in all the United States

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