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LaFontaine's court record subject of attack flier

Wilton Manors Mayor and House District 92 candidate Scott Newton hammers opponent Mark LaFontaine for his court record in a campaign flier distributed Friday.

"Mark LaFontaine has broken one financial obligation after another, and has broken the law repeatedly,'' states Newton's flier. "If he can't manage his own money or respect the law, why does he expect us to trust him with OUR money and OUR laws?''

The flier lists several of LaFontaine's court cases -- the most serious is assaulting a police officer.

LaFontaine said in an email that the assault charge stemmed from a verbal domestic with his partner. He says police beat him up when he refused to leave the scene. Broward court records show he pleaded guilty to lesser charges and that adjudication was withheld.

Another case in the flier refers to LaFontaine getting evicted. The accountant said he temporarily lost business after Hurricane Wilma and told his landlord he couldn't pay on time. LaFontaine said the landlord had his security deposit and that he didn't owe anything when he left.

"I'm human and I have made mistakes,'' said LaFontaine, who says Newton is trying to avoid issues.

Newton says he highlighted LaFontaine's court record in response to his attacks on Newton's financial management of the city the past eight years.

In one ad LaFontaine says taxes rose nearly 300 percent since 1999. City officials disagree with his characterization, arguing that increases taxes are capped at about 3 percent for residents with the homestead exemption. Also the addition of new properties have caused an increase in the tax rolls.

An  electioneering communication group sent a separate flier bashing LaFontaine.

"We shouldn't be picking our next legislator out of a lineup,'' it states showing four figures in a lineup.

That flier comes from the "Integrity Counts Committee'' chaired by Russ Oster, a campaign consultant.

Former Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Gwyn Clarke-Reed is also on the ballot in Tuesday's election.


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Sounds like Scott can't talk about his own record, so he goes on the attack. What a statesman! Good thing we won't have him in Tallahassee when he loses, and he'll be gone from Wilton Manors soon too. Oh, and how many drunken nights on the Drive has Scott had???


This last minute personal attack seems more like a Republican tactic. Scott Newton has shown his true colors and made it clear that winning at any cost is his guiding principle.


Between the Newton mailings and the mailings in the Sheriff's primary, it really has to make you wonder what are these candidates thinking?

Yes, there are voters who will read just the headlings and know little else and have their vote swayed.

But it is disappointing that candidates feel they have to resort to personal attacks rather than running on their own merits.

In the case of Scott Newton it's clear to see why he's resorted to this approach. He claims to have balance budgets in Wilton Manors, but fails to point out that it's only because tax revenues have increased dramatically. Sort of like giving a drunken sailor his paycheck before going on shore leave.

And the financial auditor's report makes it clear that as mayor he has abandoned his responsibility to insure fiscal accountability in Wilton Manors.

Again, it's no wonder he's decided to bring in the attack dogs.


Newton has resorted to the dirtiest of politics. Gwyn Clarke-Reed has had all of her mailings financed by right-wing pro-voucher people...

I can see why they're both afraid of Mark LaFontaine!


Mark has been trashing the city of Wilton Manors for weeks now...
At least the flier about Mark have correct verifiable cases..this article fails to mention he has liens against him over 30,000. and somehow managed to find over 21,000. to"loan" his campagn, but cant pay his obligations.


if he has all these liens that people know about, susieq, why aren't they included in the attack flyer? Just more rumor, innuendo and smears from people who don't know what they're talking about but are willing to chatter anyway...

Oakland Park Voter

The press, should do their job and investigate the shadow group funding the slime hit pieces against LaFontaine, they may find some smoke in the phoney group Newton has paid 20,000 to do his mailings. Where there is smoke there is fire. And who are those right wing nut jobs funding the mailings for Clarke-Reed, and why would right wing fanatics fund a Democratc race?

Let's look at the real Scott Newton


I am sorry to see these two guys attached each other though I heard Mark in a debate and he sounded pretty good as did the Clarke-Reed.

I checked out that grp that funded the stuff I got for Clarke-Reed and I see they actually are for charter schools and tax-credit scholarships. Isn't that the program that Sen Lawson-D, Tallahassee and incoming Senate minority leader sponsor a bill about this yeat. I remember reading during the legislative session on the St Pete Times blog that alot of Democrats supported the bill including Sen Mandy Dawson. And in the article I read it mentioned Carrie Meek is involved in the program as well. That doesn't sound like right wing fanatics to me.


I sure was disappointed that Scott Newton went with such negative personal attacks. And he certainly didn't do that it in response to anything LaFontaine's campaign put out - there's no way the Newton campaign had enough time to get that out as a "response"! They'd been planning this for a while. Clearly Newton knew he wasn't going to be able to win on issues alone.

Mark LaFontaine has been open and honest about everything in his past - and he has the integrity to run a campaign based on real issues that matter!

Oakland Park Voter


1. Manday Dawson is a turn coat drug addict republican.
2. None of you spin is covering the fact that the facist right wing goons are paying for Clarke-Reed's whole campaign

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