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Lincoln Diaz-Balart on air with a subtle (not) ad

Lincoln Diaz-Balart is up on the air in Miami with his first TV ad, "Integrity and Respect" a 30-second spot that starts out with soaring music and positive rhetoric about the Republican congressman.

But that quickly dissolves into an attack on his Democratic rival, Raul Martinez, whom the ad says enjoys a history of "insults and vulgarities." It features a Martinez police mug shot and an ominous quote from the Miami Herald attributed to him, "One day we may take a ride out to the Everglades and only I will come back."

The ad comes as Democrats tout a recent poll done for Capitol Hill's Roll Call that puts Martinez 2 points up on Diaz-Balart. The GOP'er's campaign, however, savaged the poll saying it was "grossly manipulated" to favor Democrats. Watch for Diaz-Balart to address the RNC at about 5:15 p.m. EST from St. Paul Monday and view the ad here:


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Hialeah Resident

Lincoln Diaz Balart was found guilty of breaking election law. He broke the law and was found guilty.

He paid a $36,000 fine for breaking the law.

Diaz Balart is the only candidate in this race that was found guilty and paid a fine for breaking the law.

Richard Allbritton

I have met both Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Mayor Raul Martinez. I experienced them as gentlemen and patriots. I am very unhappy that Lincoln has chosen to run this ad. While the ad seems to be technically true, I don’t believe it accurately portrays Raul Martinez. I believe Raul to be a man of honor, decency, and principles and he wants to serve his country and bring about change that will strengthen our democracy.
I entered the Democratic Primary on January 10th for District 21 because of my distress with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the Republican Party. For insufficient financial support, I withdrew and returned all campaign contributions.
The GOP has enabled Bush and Cheney, which has given us an incompetent and perverted Administration. Besides screwing up foreign policy and making the world unsafe, Republicans seemed determined to undermine the very government they purport to lead. One of many examples is the illegal hiring of right-wingers by AG Alberto Gonzalez ignoring people that were more qualified. In part because of Bush Administration miscalculations, Vladimir Putin was emboldened to invade Georgia. In spite of their claims to the contrary, the Republicans have made the world and the United States of America less safe!
There is no question in my mind that both Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Raul Martinez love our Country. However, we must have change in Congress and the Presidency. For District 21, Raul Martinez is that agent of change. ~ richard allbritton, Miami.


Rather than to argue the issues and have a televised debate as Raul Martinez has requested on numerous times, Lincoln Diaz Balart has chosen to launch a vicious Karl Rove style deceptive attack ad to get reelected. This is surely a sign of desperation because the race is close. Balart accuses Martinez of a history of "insults and vulgarity," maybe he hasn't seen his own ad.

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