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Martinez denounces the "Gang of 10" drilling proposal

A bipartisan group of senators today unveiled what they said is an energy package that all sides will like.

Unless your side is in Florida. Republican Sen. Mel Martinez immediately denounced the plan, noting it would lift a 2006 moratorium on oil and gas exploration off Florida's Gulf Coast -- the same moratorium that he and Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson forged in 2006. Drilling under the plan, he said, could occur as close as 50 miles to the Florida shoreline.

"I compliment the group for coming together in a bipartisan way to try to address the current energy crisis," Martinez said. "Unfortunately, the proposal would eliminate Florida's 2006 Gulf protections and give Floridians absolutely no voice in determining where exploration could occur."


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Geee China Drills only 50 miles off the Florida coast are you crying to them to? Do you Honestly think China gives a crap if they pollute the waters off our coast? At least if our oil company's are drilling for our oil to be used in our country we the taxpayer will get some benifit from it. GET A CLUE

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