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McCain calls Crist: Sorry Charlie

Gov. Charlie Crist got the call he'd been waiting for just 30 minutes ago -- from John McCain. It was what he had expected: McCain had chosen another governor to be his running mate. Crist didn't ask who it was but we all now know it's Sarah Palin, first term governor of Alaska who has been in office as long as Florida's governor had.

For what it's worth, sources say, Crist was the last of the three finalists to get the "sorry" call from dear John.


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I'm dying to know what you think of McCain's running mate choice. She's a woman, but she's anti-choice and pro-oil digging in Alaska. Will women vote for her just because she's a woman? I don't think so.

I'm glad he picked her. It's great for our daughters to see, but she's so conservative and so inexperienced, I think she'll help sink the ticket.

Go Obama!

Andrea Askowitz

Great choice...for the d'd

This was a terrible choice. She's inexperienced and not ready to be president. Just being a women won't get their votes especially with the pro-choice crowd.

Biden will destroy her in a debate. Bad choice Johnny.

Only positives: young and good looking

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