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McCain in Miami on Sept. 15

After the Republican National Convention wraps up next week, John McCain will headline four big-ticket fundraisers in Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, Politico reports.

Naked Politics hears the Miami event will be Sept. 15 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami. Newly tapped running mate Sarah Palin will raise money in Naples in October.


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McCain can say goodbye to any voter who really thinks experience matters. Palin has six years as mayor of a town of 5000, and a year and a half as Governor of Alaska. That?s it! And she only got the governor?s job at all, because the incumbent governor appointed his own daughter to the U.S. Senate, and tried to do an end-around against the legislature on a shaky gas pipeline deal, which blew his chances for reelection. McCain managed to find the a candidate LESS qualified to be commander-in-chief, than Quayle was! McCain did the one thing guaranteed to make Obama look like Roosevelt by comparison. In her first appearance with McCain, Palin said ?Eye-ran? and ?nuke-ya-lar weapons? just like Bush does. Yeesh. Earlier, she actually said on camera: ?what is it exactly that the VP does every day?"

McCain can wave goodbye to anyone who thinks the VP choice is important. Sending this beauty queen to debate national security and diplomacy with Biden is cruel. Since McCain has THREE medical conditions which could incapacitate him (melanomas, 6 of 10 warning signs of Alzheimers, multiple suicide attempts), there is a serious risk that this Twinkie could become Commander-in-Chief. ...And McCain can wave goodbye to all those national-security voters who think foreign policy and military matters are important.

Goodbye to any voter who cares about ethical government. McCain actually picked a running mate who is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ETHICS INVESTIGATION, in the state legislature, on abuse-of-power charges! Picking her for VP would be like picking Larry Craig or Tom Delay: THEY would actually be more fit for the job than Palin! The investigation could run all the way through the campaign season: one news cycle after another, clogged up with this story. We?ll hear from the husband and the wife in the ugly divorce/custody case, like a white-trash soap opera. Palin showed she can?t even play the game like a professional at the sandlot level, and McCain just put her in the World Series. And there will also be stories about the rest of the corrupt Alaska Republican machine, to include Ted Stevens and Don Young. There is video of Stevens endorsing Palin. The irony here is that she is campaigning as a reformer!

McCain will LOSE female votes, not gain them. He is insulting women, assuming they will be stupid enough to ignore the fact that Palin opposes a woman?s right to choose (and is ignorant, and unqualified), just because she?s a she. If McCain really had a hard-on to hire a woman, what about Hutchison, or Susan Collins...? Even among the subset of Republican women, he chose Beauty Queen over Competence. The only women this will bring into McCain?s camp are women who are stupid enough to be conned, and McCain has already cornered the Stupid Vote, so it?s a wasted effort. Palin even had the gall to try to hijack Hillary?s ?eighteen million cracks in the glass ceiling? narrative in her first public appearance, so Hillary will speak out on this REAL fast.

McCain can say goodbye to anyone who advocates fiscal responsibility: although Palin claims to be a budget-cutter, she signed into law the biggest budget in state history. McCain can wave goodbye to anyone who supports equality, since Palin opposes same-sex marriage. And for anyone who takes education seriously: Palin, an evangelical, wants creationism taught in public schools.

Goodbye to all those other VP finalists, who he wanted to campaign for him, as surrogates. You think Romney will bust his butt for McCain in Michigan, when McCain just proclaimed to the world that Romney?s less qualified to be commander-in-chief than this prom queen?

Goodbye to all those white men in places like the Rust Belt, who ever lost out on a job because a less-qualified woman scooted in ahead of them. They?re Obama men now.

Environmentalists: it?s not just that she wants to drill in ANWR. She sued BUSH?S Interior Department for putting polar bears on the endangered list. She?s to the RIGHT of BUSH.

The issue isn?t Palin, it?s McCain and his scary, IMPAIRED decision-making. Obama said that he has better judgment than McCain, and McCain proved him right. McCain panicked after Obama?s masterful performance in Denver, and threw a desperate Hail Mary. Why else would he bypass the dozens of candidates who are ALL more qualified for the job than Palin? This is McCain?s first major decision at the presidential level, and he did something rash and stupid, just like Bush always seems to do. Even some Republicans, like Kay Bailey Hutchison and the Maryland governor, are starting to signal their dismay, to the tune of ?who the hell is she??

Evangelicals love her. Rush called her a ?babe?. FOX says Palin has foreign policy credentials because ?...she is right up there in Alaska right next door to Russia.? LOL



Sarah Palin is a feisty strong woman who is capable of anything she sets her mind to. We see from the polls today that Mccain's choice was brilliant. Obama will promise anything at this point as he is on his way down.


She's brilliant, the polar bear is not endangered and just because she's for creation, men and women being our example and life doesn't mean she's not qualified it just means she's got wisdom. I believe she falls on the side of, hmmm, let's see, GOD. And if we don't start getting our own oil, we're in trouble!!

lost house

Republicans are LIARS and THIEVES. If they continue we are headed into a major depression. McSame/Failin support free trade with COMMUNISTS. They are selling us out to the Arabs and Chinese. All the government bond will become actual bonds - shackles and chains when Americans are sold into slavery to pay our debts. We need A REVOLUTION! Vote the corrupt republicans out, and if that doesn't work, Get your GUNS!!!!

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