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McCain's $6m Beijing attack; Obama's $5 defense

Oops. Looks like Advertising Age has a must read that we didn't read: McCain dumped $6m into a national Olympic ad buy and Obama $5 as this article points out. So file the earlier blog/misfire in the ole "Hazards of Blogging at Home on the Opening Weekend of the Olympics" folder:

It looks like John McCain has started advertising on Florida TV after months of letting Barack Obama do all the commercial talking.His most recent ad nailing Obama for allegedly being a celeb who's out of touch with the families he looks forward to taxing, appeared this afternoon in the Tallahassee media market on NBC during the Olympics.

The following from the original blog holds true: McCain has had little need to advertise here. His sarcastic Paris/Britney celeb ads were a youtube hit and Gov. Charlie Crist (who called the spots "brilliant" for all the free-media attention that saved McCain "a lot of dough") is helping wave the McCain banner.

Obama's latest ad, featured during the Olympics, foregoes whacking McCain and instead accentuates the positive. Blending images of blue-collar America and a green future of wind power, it tries to send a message of hope that auto workers (and therefore the American economy) can be salvaged by his energy plan/vision.