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Opponents of amendment to ban gay marriage launch TV ad

Florida Red and Blue, an organization opposing Amendment 2 which would write the existing ban on gay marriage into the Florida Constitution, will be running a 30-second ad during cable television coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

The ad lists the Democrats who opposed the amendment, from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kendrick Meek, Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Alex Sink. "Keep government out of our private lives,'' the ad concludes. "Vote No on 2." Florida Red and Blue argues that the amendment will not only write the marriage ban into the constitution but will add new prohibitions not already in law.


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This is a fraudulent scare tactic and they make the argument with no proof or explanation. A YES vote on Amendment 2 will do one thing and one thing only – protect the definition of marriage between one man and one woman but it does not prevent the government or private companies from extending benefits to whomever they wish. It also does not prevent seniors who live together and are not married from visiting an attorney who can take care of their concerns.

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