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Palin gets mixed initial reaction among Florida GOPers

The initial reaction of Florida's Republican elite to John McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is a very mixed one.

One top GOP advisor summed it up this way: "It's crazy.'' Palin's lack of experience in the hard-knocks world of presidential politics will be hard to overcome, the advisor said.

McCain fundraiser and campaign advisor Brian Ballard likes the choice:  "She's going to add some zest to the ticket and is going to have some appeal to the disaffected Hillary voters."

Ballard said the momentum moved against Romney after McCain's gaffe about not knowing how many houses he owned. "It came down to three governors: Pawlenty Crist and Palin," Ballard said. "The house issue nudged out Romney....For many in the party though, Lieberman was not acceptable...Pawlenty has never won 50 percent of the vote in Minnesota and he might not have carried it."

RPOF Chairman Jim Greer called it an "historic ticket'' and predicted McCain and Palin will "offer common sense solutions and principled leadership based on a deep-rooted belief in putting country first.”

Predictably, Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was happy to make the comparision between Sarah and Hillary and told MSNBC: "Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton....Women in this country don't want a candidate on the ballot just because of the parts that she has....It's not just electing a woman for the sake of getting a women over there." Instead, she said, women want equal pay for equal work, protection of reproductive rights, access to affordable health care for their children etc.

So the questions remains what impact this will have. Ballard notes: "Over the next couple of days, it's going to be a Dan Quayle pick or the greatest thing since sliced bread." He's ready to count on the bread -- and butter -- appeal of "hockey Mom'' Palin.


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Let's see; a forty-two year old governor with two years experience, as his successor; "a heartbeat away from the presidency." I was under the, perhaps illusory, impression that foremost among qualifications for vice presidential picks, is ability to govern at moment's notice?

On the other hand, Obama, who will have 12 years experience by January (eight years in the Illinois senate, plus four years in the U.S. senate), not to mention 12 years teaching constitutional law at the fifth-ranked law school in the nation, is said to be too "inexperienced."

What could McCain, his advisors (and Governor Palin) have possibly been THINKING? Obviously not. If this is an example of Senator McCain's future judgement calls, I fear for all of us.

Likely scenario: Shortly after inaugural festivities are over, now-President McCain decides to rest from stress of campaigning and of appointing new officials. In a final, fatal, misjudgment, he decides to go out hunting with former Vice President Cheney, and ends up beating William Henry Harrison's record for briefest presidency. Shortly after a hasty swearing-in ceremony, all White House software is re-programmed, at the click of a mouse, and forwards all 3 AM calls to President Palin.

Sounds insane? Possibly because McCain's post primaries flip flops and self-contradictions ARE insane. McCain would have done better naming a psychiatrist as vice president. It seems that, if a choice had to be made (not the case in this election), judgment would trump experience, hands down.

One last thought: When Abraham Lincoln, another Illinois politician, and first Republican president, was elected President, he had less government experience than Obama. Lincoln served eight years in the Illinois legislature, and two years in the US House. Prior to running for President, Lincoln had run for the same senate seat currently occupied by Obama, but lost to Douglas.

Miami, Florida


just remember obama is no Lincoln. Lincoln was a republican.!


Compare apples to apples; top of the ticket to top of the ticket. McCain was in the Senate when Barack HUSSEIN Obama was still in school. Obama is the top of the ticket and he has NO EXPERIENCE.


Gov. Palin has executive experience - she runs a state. Barack HUSSEIN Obama doesn't even have a single piece of legislation of his own to his name.


This clinches it for me- McCain is getting MY VOTE and that of every other woman I know.


12 years = "NO EXPERIENCE"? (!!!)

Using McCain-type logic again, obviously. And having been fighter pilot somehow qualifies McCain to run NATO, or the economy? At 12 years, Obama has two more years more of experience than Abraham Lincoln did, and demonstrated far better choice than McCain.


yeah Kymberlee...that REALLY does it!! It definitely clinches it right?!? You don't even care about the issues, the facts?? nothing?? Just because she's a woman..you're gonna vote for her huh?!? Well that only goes to show how many ignorant women we have around here. She's not even in the same league as Hillary!!


yeah Kymberlee...that REALLY does it!! It definitely clinches it right?!? You don't even care about the issues, the facts?? nothing?? Just because she's a woman..you're gonna vote for her huh?!? Well that only goes to show how many ignorant women we have around here. She's not even in the same league as Hillary!!


Barack Obama certainly has sponsored, and co-sponsored legislation various bills in both the US Senate, and the Illinois Senate, over the past 11 years. That information is publicly available. If you are unaware, perhaps, ignorance is the problem, not lack of legislation.


So exactly who DOESN'T like the choice? It sounds like all the people you quoted are for it.


What legislation is that? What Obama ___ Act is floating around out there?

OBAMA HAS HAD NO MAJOR LEGISLATION To be fairm he hasn't been in the Senate, or before that the state Senate long enough. Oh, isn't THAT th whole point?


Great she hates womens issues. She is a bigger sexist then the media. Sorry McCain no vote for you now. That is just way to much political pandering. Also Kymberlee you need to know the facts..This lady is the worst choice for women. I will choose Obama over this one.


To hear Republicans talk, they only care about a canidates name and gender. Obviously experience means little to them because Palin could very well be president in an unforunate situation.....

Yeah, thats change you can believe in.

The choice is clear, this election is about america.

Choose Obama/Biden.


Man this is really a sad day in GOP politics. It seems Obama has the clear plan to get things going in this country and a real national security plan. It seems now the GOP is on the defensive side and there tactics are no longer working. I don't even know what McCain is for. I am an independent voter but now I am starting lean for Obama. It seems like almost every McCain supporter is either Racist or ignorant. Good Job Obama you won me over.


Also, Palins husband works for none other than BP, the oil company. She is under inverstigation in her own state.

Obviously she was picked ONLY because she is a woman.

Problem is she doesnt believe in what most women believe in.

This just shows McCain has TERRIBLE judgement.


LOL I cannot believe the Republicans did this. LOL this is such a risky choice that leaves them vulnerable to attack from the dems. I cannot wait until nov 4. I am so happy we finally have CHANGE!!!



Obama will win in a landslide......

It wont be close.

The American people arent stupid to believe Palin was selected because she is qualified, it was only a bone for Hillary supporters.

It will backfire...BADLY.

A P in North Carolina

What can I say...it is clearer than...does McCain really think that we women are so stupid to vote for gender over substance ? Definitely lost me with this floozy. This was an insult to all women.


It's not about Palin's experience, it's about McCain's lack of judgment. He needed to pick a person of presidential caliber. His inability to do that shows what kind of judgments we can expect of him in the future.


No one wants to say it but McCain left some part of his judgment in that Vietnam cell.
While we may honor his five years in prison, that does not give him a leg up on anyone on judgment-the Sarah Palin pick proves it!!!!


Oh lord that's just what we need. A vice president whose husband works for an oil company. No wonder she wants to do all this excessive drilling in the arctic. How about running some candidates that don't have any ties to big business or corporate influence? How about a real election with real candidates?

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