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Paper trail premiere a late-night affair

The debut for Florida's new optical-scan voting machines stretched late into the night in South Florida, with results still trickling in well after midnight in counties like Broward.

The slow returns frustrated some candidates in races likely to be decided by only a few hundred votes.

"It's been a long night," said Eleanor Sobel, who spent the night poised to edge out two former state representatives to win a seat in the Florida Senate. "I wish they would find a way to count the votes faster. Let's get into the 21st century."



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HAve they stopped counting for the night? What's the deal?


There was a 21st century way to count votes--they were called "touchscreens" but superstition killed them.


The SOE office in Broward is a joke. They should spend more time counting votes then putting Brenda's name on everything from vans to pencils. November is going to be disaster!

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