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Planas and Llorente weigh in on Palin's Cuban-American appeal

John McCain was able to carry Florida during the primary election, but how will his unconventional VP pick go over with Miami's largely Republican Cuban-American voters?

Weighing in from Miami's famed Versailles restaurant, Republican State Representatives J.C. Planas and Marcelo Llorente say Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will have no problem winning over hardline Cuban-American Republicans. After all, Planas notes-- Alaskans and Cuban-Americans share much in common .

Planas"Cuban Americans share a lot of similarities with Alaskans," Planas said. "We are both rugged individualists who come with whatever we can fit in our back packs in search of a better life."

Llorente, a Cuban-American, said he thought McCain's VP pick would help bring in independent voters, in addition to some Hillary supporters."She's a female, she's a minority, and it shows that the Republican party is an inclusive party that looks for talent from all walks of life," Llorente said.Llorente

He added that McCain picking Palin over Gov. Charlie Crist is not a snub to Florida. "Gov. Crist is doing a great job, I think it was a great boost to Florida that he had been on the short list for a while, but ultimately the choice was up to Senator McCain," Llorente said. "I think it was a brilliant choice, he picked someone outside of Washington who could energize the ticket."

Llorente was fresh off a trip from Minnesota --home of the Republican National Convention. He was there as part of the party's convention platform planning committee.