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Recipe for disaster?

John McCain is up in Florida with a Spanish-language radio ad titled "Recipe." The campaign says the ad highlights rival Barack Obama's "record of voting to raise taxes on middle class families and his proposals for painful tax increases that will only hurt Americans in these tough economic times."

The 60-second spot, which will play in Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico, says that Obama has a "grand history of raising taxes, even on hard-working people like us making $42,000 a year." has rapped McCain on the $42,000 figure, saying McCain's criticism of Obama's tax proposals has reached a "pattern of misrepresentation." It notes that the $42,000 figure would apply to a single, childless tax payer --who would have seen a tax increase of $15 for the year -- if the measure had been enacted.

Listen to the ad here.

Here's the text in English:

ANNCR: Fame must be grand for Barack Obama. But is he ready to lead in tough economic times?

Official records document, Barack Obama has a grand history of raising taxes, even on hard-working people like us making $42,000 a year.

If elected President, Obama's promises would mean even more taxes on income, electricity, small business, seniors, your life savings, your family.

Painful taxes -- when times are tough enough.

Obama's ideas "a recipe for economic disaster." Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Obama's policies are "poorly crafted"... and will result in "higher prices at the pump." Washington Post.

Obama's plans will "stunt small business" and threaten "America's economic competitiveness." Wall Street Journal.

More taxes. Higher gas prices. A recipe for economic disaster.

That's the real Obama.

JOHN MCCAIN: I'm John McCain and I approved this message.

ANNCR: Paid for by John McCain 2008.