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The Dept. of Trust Us: Crist + Europe tour=$101m for Florida

As Gov. Charlie Crist politically reels from the bad economy, he's embarking on a statewide blitz to chat up the economy and yesterday afternoon released a statement that his $255k tax-payer funded trade mission to Europe will lead to "potentially 2,245 jobs" from investments worth $101 million "in actual and expected" sales in Florida.

Who does the "actual and expected" figures? Enterprise Florida, the public-private business-boosting agency that organized the trip. What are the details? "Confidential,"  the governor's office said late Thursday.

The job situation and Crist's European trip became real political real fast, with Republican and Democratic spokesfolks trading barbs over the economy a few days back The governor's announcement yesterday was clearly coordinated with the Republican Party of Florida, which re-touted the investment news 4 minutes after the gov's office put out its press statement.

A big difference: RPOF said the state "gained" 2,000 jobs. That's past tense. So it already happened, unlike the gov's office that said it was simply "potential." Assuming those jobs were actually added in the 4 minutes between press releases, it's pretty remarkable: a whopping 500 jobs a minute. If the gov could maintain that pace, Florida (with 78,100 jobs lost June-to-June) would no longer be number-one in job loss in the nation in just over 2.5 hours.

**Update RPOF notes the body of their text says the state "will gain" the jobs. True. So it disagrees with itself. On one hand, it "gained" the jobs. On the other hand it "will gain." There's a difference between past and future tenses. Also, where's the guarantee? Where's the data? Oh. That's right. It's "confidential."


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Lets see...housing sales up...gas prices down...per capita income up...economy still growing....have you figured out that maybe, just maybe, the economy is starting to turn around?


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