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Wait, why don't I see Obama on the ballot?

Dhanji...Israel...Lemack...Thompson...Udolf...but wait, where's Obama?

A handful of Broward voters apparently can't wait until November. At least one voter came to the polls Tuesday, not realizing that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama isn't on the ballot until Nov. 4.

The woman -- who was too embarrassed to give her name -- walked out of the Miramar Civic Center in a huff because she thought today was the day to vote for president and brought her two children to the polls to watch her vote for Obama.

"I don't really follow politics," she explained on her way out.

--Robert Samuels


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yo mama

Dear Broward Voters:

PLEASE, please stay home on November 4. This stupid woman should never, ever vote. Ever. Period.

Can we please have some sort of quiz you have to pass to be allowed to vote?


Please shoot me! After reading this story, I've decided to abandon all hope.

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