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Common Cause report predicts Florida voter "suppression"

From Florida's "no-match, no vote" law to restrictions on third-party registration groups and drives, thousands of voters could have trouble casting ballots this election in Florida and nine other states.

The whole 108-page report is here: Download VotingIn2008Report.pdf

The report's author, Tova Wang, said Florida is particularly "worrisome" because of its strict standard that could make it tougher for a voter to cast a ballot if his i.d. doesn't exactly match his voter information. She said the state was taking "extraordinary steps" to "suppress" votes. On the other end of the spectrum, she said, Wisconsin wins high marks.

Asked if sloppy work by third-party registration groups would endanger new voters even more, she said "The problem is not third party registration groups. It’s the exact match rule... If there is any little thing wrong with it, it’s going to get tossed back And that’s putting people's voting rights at risk."

More here: Download voting08_florida_press_release.doc

Oops. I misspelled "suppression" in headline.

This from the GOP: “Republicans continue to encourage new voters to register to vote and get involved in our political process, and we suggest that voters check their status with their local supervisor of elections and to pay close attention to the forms they are filling out. The fact is, voters will not be turned away at the polls.  If someone is a qualified voter, he or she will be allowed to vote; if there are any questions on the voter’s status, he or she will cast a provisional ballot.”