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Crist says Hanna could reach Florida same day he was to give GOP speech

Gov. Charlie Crist said the official forecast for Tropical Storm Hanna is that it will "slowly strengthen" and become a Category 1 hurricane by late Thursday. Ironically, that coincides with the time the governor was scheduled to give his speech to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul on the day McCain was scheduled to accept his nomination for president.

With convention plans now in shatters, and the chances of John McCain appearing in St. Paul declining, Crist repeated that the forecast for Hanna "has me thinking about definitely not going.

"It's first things first and my first duty and obligation is for the people of Florida and it will remain there,'' he said at a briefing at the Florida's Emergency Operations Center headquarters in Tallahassee early Monday.

"I think Sen. McCain laid it out well. This is a week where we take off our Republican or even Democratic hats and put on our American hats and do what's necessary -- in our case, our fellow Floridians and our fellow Americans, our friends in the Gulf states to the west. So public service is what I'm focused on.''


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