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Dems losing (but gaining) in absentee-ballot war

Florida Republicans are, as usual, beating Democrats in absentee ballot requests, accounting for about half of the 1.26m ballots. The Dems have requested 441k and independents 186k.

But credit the Barack Obama camp and Dems for finding this angle: Last election cycle, Republican absentee ballot requests accounted accounted for 55 percent of all requests, rather than just half. Still, GOP voters have asked for double the number of ballots now - 637k - and elections aren't won by percentages but by raw votes.

The counterpoint: Democratic registration gains are giving Republicans the willies. And the Dems are about to shift their full attention to absentee ballots after new-voter registration ends Oct. 6.


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Ok, anybody with any brains, listen up:

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I am sick and tired of the mess republicans have made of this country & state in the last eight years. I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER vote for a republican as long as I live! And I'm only 31. Say the word republican and the first thoughts that come to mind are unrestrained greed, failed markets, failed leadership, and power thirsty morons who drive our country's reputation & economy into the ground! I'm so mad that I want to run my fist through a wall. They have mortgaged not only my children's future but my grandchildren as well! All for their greed.

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