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Florida GOP chief on Palin: "She needs to be briefed more"

Florida Republican Party chief Jim Greer is among a number of GOP'ers quoted in a New York Times story that suggests "Republicans are worried about how much help (Sarah Palin) will be for (John McCain) in November."

Noting that Palin's "halting interview with Katie Couric on CBS News alarmed many Republicans and gave fodder for a devastating parody on Saturday Night Live," the article quotes Greer as saying:

"I think the Katie Couric interview shows that she needs to be briefed more on certain aspects. She continues to be viewed very positively by the base of the party, but she needs to demonstrate that she's got the knowledge and ability to be president should the need arise."

Read the whole story here.


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That pesky stay at home husband, Todd, has been complaining that Sarah is away too much so the whole family has been flown to the Arizona ranch.
Cindy has volunteered to babysit the kids so Todd and Sarah (not John and Sarah, shame on you if you were thinking that), could have some quality time together during breaks in the debate coaching.


This woman is a joke! I am sick and tired of the mess republicans have made of this country & state in the last eight years. I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER vote for a republican as long as I live! And I'm only 31. Say the word republican and the first thoughts that come to mind are unrestrained greed, failed markets, failed leadership, and power thirsty morons who drive our country's reputation & economy into the ground! I'm so mad that I want to run my fist through a wall. They have mortgaged not only my children's future but my grandchildren as well! All for their greed.

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