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Garcia hits back

Hitting back after a week of ads that call him Enron Joe, Joe Garcia is up with a new TV ad that accuses Mario Diaz-Balart of "lying" about Garcia's record and voting more than 90 percent of the time with President Bush's "failed economic policies." His campaign says it began airing today.


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Sorry Joe, but you can't win. Bad campaign, bad candidate.


Great commercial


Excellent commercial, very informative.


Balart and his whole family are a bunch of dirty liars. It's about time this family leaves South Florida politics...Plus Garcia's got better hair...Let's go Joe!


The Diaz-Balarts have a long record of lying to the Florida community and being shills for rogue Cuban American interests. He is the latest of a long line of standard-bearers for failed policies, both domestic and foreign. If yo have spent any time in Florida, you know the surname Diaz-Balart is synonymous with Supreme Liar.

Alvaro Fernandez

Mario like his brother keeps attacking his opponent. With all the years Mario and brother have been at this game you would think they'd be bragging about their records in congress and the Florida House and Senate. All it shows is that they have NO record to brag about, so they turn dirty and hope the voters buy into the lies...

But as almost every one is saying, voters want change in 2008, and the DBs are definitely not about change, but all about failed policies...

Bye, bye Mario...


I see that Joe's staff is busy at work on the blogs. Good for you guys, waste your time on the blogs, good strategy.

Cuban Truth

Take note of the fact that Joe nevers denies being Enron's guy or that he didn't vote for the largest utility cost increase in the State's history... Good job, Shirley Temple! Thanks for all you've already done for us!


CubanTruth perhaps you just haven't been watching the news...


Esto no pasaba en Cuba

Go Joe, Go. Let's get these lying idiots out of office.


Is about time these two brothers leave us
We need strong character and intelligent
people as our congressmen!
All they say are lies and lies....
Echoes of George Bush!
We need Joe Garcia as our Congressman!

Marta Elena

Enough of these Diaz Balart!
They have been lying to the Cuban community
for years...Is about time someone like
Mr Garcia runs for this seat! We need
someone with prestige, CLASS, AND INTELLIGENT
TO represent us!
Bye Bye Mario...go away and don't come back!

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