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Lincoln Diaz-Balart and Raul Martinez find common ground

Lincoln Diaz-Balart says he's opposed to the Wall Street bailout and so is his rival, Democrat Raul Martinez.

So much for making the vote a campaign issue, though Martinez blamed the current crisis on "Diaz-Balart/Bush economic policies.

"The proposed 'bailout' by the Bush Administration to be voted on today in Congress does not do enough to ensure that the middle class, the people who are truly being hit hard by tough economic times, will be sufficiently helped by this legislation," Martinez said in a statement issued by his campaign.

"Hard-working South Floridians, many who are struggling to escape home foreclosure, have not received enough support from Congress to help them stay in their homes," he said. " The mortgage crisis is the root cause of this problem and it has not been addressed sufficiently."

He accused the administration of "seeking an unprecedented power grab to address the mess that they created. The Treasury Secretary would be largely unrestricted in his ability to spend $700 billion of taxpayer money at a cost of about $2,300 to every man, woman and child in America."


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