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Marco Rubio: "Marx would be pleased" with Obama

BLOOMINGTON, Mn - Outgoing House Speaker Marco Rubio just brought the Florida delegation to its feet, suggesting that Barack Obama is pursuing a form of "European style socialism.

"That's what his economic plan is about," Rubio said, suggesting that under Obama's economic plan, "50 percent of people in the country would pay taxes, 50 percent would pay no taxes. Marx would be pleased."

Rubio acknowledged he's impressed with Obama's backstory. "I love what Barack Obama's candidacy says about America," he said. "I just fear what his presidency would do to America."


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Marco Rubio is a loser and The Herald is a complice for giving him so much free press.


silly name calling by marco

what else do republicans do?

can't argue with the failed policies of bush/mccain.

so call the other side names: liberal, socialist commie!

i could see marco in the 3rd grade doing the same thing.

it is kind of sad.



Hey, Marco could have said Castro style Cuban Socialism. He's moderating...

Dinoushka S.

hahaha... Nice try Prof. Rubio... but I guess most "old cubans" that remember and are upset of the wrath of Castro..dont frequent the internet...see you in class.:O)
PS. id like to continue the 3rd grade fight with McCain/Palin- irresponsible, insufficient, ignorance, and why not anarchist?.


Obama is going to be the catalyst for americas greatest ever conservative revival..


the racist marxist Obama and his wife have achieved undreamed of heights and may now begin to dismantle the White Male Christian power structure that served this country so well. Move over for Homosexuals and Non English speaking rights on par with yours. stand by for Black revivalism and white seperatism/ State secessionis movements and Obama is a muslim movements. which I personally believe. He went on Al Arabya and stated. " its my main goal to show the american people how extra ordinary muslims are,""....

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