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McCain: What's difference between strategy and tactic?

Finally engaged in a rigorous exchange over foreign policy, John McCain said Barack Obama "doesn’t understand a tactic and a strategy.''

He accused Obama of "refusing to acknowledge that we are winning in Iraq,'' that the approach of General Patraeus is to permanent victory, not temporary defeat of the insurgents, and he said Obama repeatedly voted against more funding of the troops.

Then he talked about visiting the troops in Iraq who told him "Let us win. We don't want our kids coming back here."

Obama shot back, explaining that they both supported funding for the troops it's just that Obama voted supported a bill that had a timetable for withdrawal and McCain didn't.

"I absolutely understand the difference between tactic and strategy...The question the president has to ask whether we are employing employing a particular approach. Is this wise?''

McCain said accepting a set date for withdrawal from Iraq "would have a calamitous effect."