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McCain: What's difference between strategy and tactic?

Finally engaged in a rigorous exchange over foreign policy, John McCain said Barack Obama "doesn’t understand a tactic and a strategy.''

He accused Obama of "refusing to acknowledge that we are winning in Iraq,'' that the approach of General Patraeus is to permanent victory, not temporary defeat of the insurgents, and he said Obama repeatedly voted against more funding of the troops.

Then he talked about visiting the troops in Iraq who told him "Let us win. We don't want our kids coming back here."

Obama shot back, explaining that they both supported funding for the troops it's just that Obama voted supported a bill that had a timetable for withdrawal and McCain didn't.

"I absolutely understand the difference between tactic and strategy...The question the president has to ask is...now whether we are employing employing a particular approach. Is this wise?''

McCain said accepting a set date for withdrawal from Iraq "would have a calamitous effect."


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I have a bracelet two!!


McCain is constantly twisting Obama's words, because he is just too dumb to comprehend what he's saying...
Then Obama has to let him know, "that's just not true!"

I think this is part of McCrang's tactics---or is it part of his strategy?


McCain didn't twist anything because obama has no idea what he's talking about. Especially with foreign policy.


I am not surprised McCain's eager desire to prove he will win in Iraq and his commitment to a war internationally seen as a corrupt action to exploit that nation of her oil when issues of terrorism remain visible in Somalia, Darfur and even in Afghanistan. I am disappointed with the conflict of patroitism with the tactic of electioneering. I do look forward to the next debate.


Maccain constantly twists Obama words, please don't twist Maccain's words!

what's Maccain actually said is "I'm afraid Senator Obama doesn't understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy".

He said that because Obama
said right before that recent action of us troop in iraq was "a tactic designed to contain the damage of the previous four years of mismanagement of this war".

I am not sure to understand why Maccain said that though...


As an undecided independent, I was looking forward to the debate to finally hear how the candidates differentiate themselves from each other. While I did not feel there was a clear "winner", I am disconcerted by McCain's continuing tendency to misconstrue or mistakenly characterize his opponent's positions. If one's positions are correct and deserving of the support of the American people, then mischaracterizing your opponent's positions is certainly a disingenuous and non-confident strategy (if McCain actually does know the difference between the words strategy and tactic).


He said that because Obama
said right before that recent action of us troop in iraq was "a tactic designed to contain the damage of the previous four years of mismanagement of this war".

Exactly how is that the wrong use of the word "tactic."

The strategical plan was a tactic in itself---comprende!


In a military context, strategy is the main guideline to win a war, while a tactic is any mean or action to achieve this goal.

So strategy is global, while tactic is local.

Understanding that, everything become more clear:

In MacCain point of view, the success of recent actions of US troups are the result of a "strategy" so it gave the connotation that the global guideline US is following in Iraq is positive, and therefore justify the Iraq war.

In the Obama point of view, these recent positive results are a "tactic" to make us forgot that Iraq war is actually globally a failure.

As a conclusion, because of their different opinion regarding the war in Iraq, MacCain and Obama disagree about the correct term to employ. But that doesn't mean, as MacCain said, that Obama doesnt know the difference between these two words.

It is actually the oposite: Obama perfectly knows the nuance and MacCain has one more time been agressivly missleading.

Wake up and spit out the coolaid

May the best candidate win.

Hopefully the concept of America could be brought back by whoever becomes president. This is not an original phrase but America truly has died along time ago! The middle class is almost decimated and the citizens (every race) is oppressed on all sides by the greedy fat cats from Wall Street in Cahoots with our Government.

Proverbs 22:7
The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender's slave.


Well lets look at thing this way--Obama stated publicly that he's been to 57 states; confused his christian faith with his muslim faith, and said in one interview that he wanted to be president for eight or TEN years.

The man is the personification of a college educated idiot.

BTW: Strategy implies the overall plan; tactic is more along the lines of winning a particular battle in a war.

Obama doesn't understand and never will because he's dumb as a post.

Perhaps he smoked a bit too much crack in his younger days.


A classic example of Mccain's weakness of age was the distinction between strategy and tactics. Obama was right that the war was the overarching strategy. The "surge" was a tactic. Today's conditions may be attributable to the surge or, as some believe, to other changes in Iraqi society, like ethnic cleansing. In any case, the basic fact Obama hammered home was that the war had weakened us and strengthened Iran. McCain could only harp on our "defeat."

There is a way to answer this tactic. Call this the Aikido theory of debate. Aikido is a fascinating martial art that doesn't depend on kicks and punches. There's no Chuck Norris here. Instead, Aikido training teaches that one should use an opponent's strength and momentum against him. The opponent still lands flat on his back, but he gets there via his own aggressiveness. It's more elegant that way.

Obama scored early on when he had a litany of examples in which McCain was wrong about the war. He should have kept up that focus for the duration of the debate, and then more strongly flipped the "you don't understand" remark back at McCain.

Perhaps McCain, who says he favors the vets, "didn't understand" when he voted against increasing spending for veteran's care. Perhaps McCain, who was a prisoner, "didn't understand" that waterboarding is torture when he reversed his position and voted for it.

Perhaps McCain, who wants "victory" in Iraq, "doesn't understand" that the Iraqis want us out of the country.

That was the watchword for this debate. The next one may be different. Obama should be on the lookout for the catchphrase and take every opportunity to turn it against McCain. McCain showed in this debate he will use every snarky, pitiful reference he can pull out. Obama should show him that, even staying cool, he can give as good as he gets.


"Here's the difference: The right strategy makes any tactic work better. The right strategy puts less pressure on executing your tactics perfectly."

I got this from a website about business tactics and stategies...
I guess it works.

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