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McCain's new ad tout Palin as maverick

On the day his running mate is scheduled to accept the Republican Party's nomination, John McCain's campaign is releasing an ad touting Sarah Palin's as a reformer.

The 30-second spot relies on a Wall Street Journal editorial which says she is more of a reformer than Obama, an Associated Press analysis that says "he has a growing reputation as a maverick for bucking her party's establishment" and the Anchorage Daily News profile that says "Palin took on the oil producers.''


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rove and his republican thugs are at the same old game of politics.

lie, distort, confuse and spin

that is how our country ended up in iraq-lies, distort, confuse and spin.

palin is not qualified. she is no maverick. she has no foreign policy experience (alaska's proximity to russia is not experience!)

it is shameful to believe the republicans believe women will vote for a politician who is so against women's concerns.

lie, distort, confuse and spin.

republicans will not fool us again.


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